Grads of Dispatch Training: 4 Key Traits of Successful Driver Managers

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Many people get driver managers and dispatchers confused. But, while both of these career paths are an important part of the transport industry, they are actually quite different. A dispatcher’s job is characterized by keeping tabs on where drivers are going to and coming from, answering calls and emails, and keeping accurate data. Driver managers, on the other hand, work with both customers and employees on a daily basis, managing their satisfaction with the company and their advancement opportunities. They will also coach employees and provide performance improvement guidance.

Both of these occupations are open to graduates of dispatcher training. If you’re interested in becoming a driver manager, read on to discover four key traits that will take your career to the next level after graduation.

1. Grads of Dispatcher Training Who Become Managers Are Good Listeners

It can be easy for driver managers to get caught up in their daily responsibilities and forget to stop and listen to employees. However, they also know that it’s important to make the time to check in with their team members, even when things are busy. That’s because listening to employee feedback can help you address any mishaps quickly, and make sure that everyone is running on schedule. Taking time to speak with employees also helps them feel appreciated and valued. By asking how they are doing, you’ll show that you care about their job satisfaction and wellbeing.

2. Driver Managers With Dispatcher Training Are Honest

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘honesty is the best policy,’ but what you might not know is that it’s an important quality for driver managers to have. In order to build trust amongst your drivers, your ability to be honest and transparent will be an important asset for you to use after your dispatch training. Whether good changes or bad changes are happening in your company, being truthful, upfront, and transparent will help strengthen trust between you and your team.

3. Grads of Dispatcher Training Who Become Driver Managers Recognize Hard Work

Students in dispatcher courses know that it feels good to be recognized for hard work. As a driver manager, your drivers are no different, which is why your ability to recognize their hard work—and offer a little praise—will be an essential part of your career.

Whether a driver has earned an award for their safety practices or has an impeccable on-time service record, your ability to recognize their accomplishments will go a long way towards fostering a good relationship. Remembering these accomplishments and personally congratulating your drivers will improve their overall morale. Additionally, knowing that their accomplishments don’t go unnoticed will motivate employees to continue working hard.

4. Driver Managers With Dispatcher Training Are Relationship Builders

Last but not least, graduates of dispatcher training who go on to become driver managers are often relationship builders at heart. This career path is all about human connections and being able to make people of all types feel understood. Being empathetic and understanding of customer needs, as well as what life is like on the road, will help you excel as a driver manager and keep both your customers and employees happy.

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