Why Grads of Auto Service Technician Courses Will Love the McLaren 600LT

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What’s arguably one of the greatest perks about being an auto mechanic? Getting to turn your passion for cars into an amazing and well-paying career! McLarens are a fan favourite for many seasoned mechanics, with many remembering the sheer power and speed of the 675LT. Well, 2018 has brought us the brand new McLaren 600LT, and while it won’t necessarily be able to compete with the older 675LT version in terms of speed, it still has some pretty impressive performance specs and a sweet looking engine.

Here’s everything you need to know about the 600LT.

The McLaren 600LT Still Has Amazing Power and Speed

Right off the bat, students interested in becoming a car mechanic will be pleased to hear that 600LT is considered by McLaren to be the most powerful of any Sports Series vehicle it has manufactured. Why is that? The 600LT boasts a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that pumps out a ferocious 592hp with 457 Lb-ft of torque. The 600LT can also accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 2.9 seconds and hit a top speed of 328 km/h.

The 600LT also has some pretty sweet racing technology, called “Ignition Cut,” borrowed from its 675LT predecessor. When the car is in Sport mode, the Ignition Cut temporarily delays the spark from the ignition whenever the driver shifts gears, which helps make the vehicle travel faster. What’s more, the dry sump lubrication of the 600LT’s engine gives the vehicle the potential to really round those corners at high speeds without the risk of troublesome oil surges.

Pro Car Mechanics Can Definitely Appreciate the 600LT’s Weight Loss

Grads of auto service technician courses know the many benefits that carbon fibre parts and panels can give vehicles, the most obvious being weight loss. Mechanics can find carbon fibre accoutrements practically all over the McLaren 600LT’s body, like the front splitter and diffuser. Even the 600LT MonoCell II chassis, which comes standard, is made exclusively from carbon fibre, giving the vehicle some pretty impressive weight savings.

Thanks to its carbon fibre parts, the 600LT also has some exceptional downforce, to the tune of 200lbs when soaring at 250 km/h, which makes for better stability.

Grads of Auto Service Technician Courses Will Love the 600LT’s Tires and Brakes

From its suspension to the tires, it seems everything on board the 600LT is committed to making this vehicle the most lightweight sports car in McLaren’s lineup. First there are the super lightweight wheels, made from aluminum alloy and featuring a unique 10 spoke design that McLaren claims will reduce the vehicle’s weight even more. The Pirelli Trofeo tires also provide a bit more grip, so that when the 600LT rounds a curve it won’t slip or drift as easily… not unless the driver wants to, at least.

Then there’s the braking system itself, which is pretty much the same as the one found in the McLaren 720S, bringing with it calipers forged from aluminum that are super light, and phenomenal carbon ceramic brake discs, which are great in any weather condition and extremely durable. With these brakes the 600LT has an impressive braking distance of 31m (when going from 100km/h to a standstill). All in all, the 600LT comes with plenty to get excited about.

Check out this short clip of the 600LT:

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