How to Give Cars a Thorough Spring Cleaning in Your Auto Detailing Career

auto detailing career
As spring begins in earnest, more than a few people might have spring cleaning on their minds. It’s a great time to freshen up cars, and give them a little added shine as drivers spend more time outdoors.

Of course, detailing is a good idea at all times of the year. Proper care helps keep cars clean and protected, whether they’re driving through winter sludge or spring rain. Here are some tips to keep in mind when giving cars a spring cleaning once you become a detailer.

Start by Washing the Car, Paying Special Attention to the Wheels

It’s a well-know fact of life that winter driving conditions come with plenty of salt and dirt. That grime can get pretty caked on during the winter season, and come spring it’s important to get it all thoroughly cleaned off.

A good spring cleaning begins by washing and hosing down the car to remove as much debris as possible. During this time of year, it’s a good idea to pay special attention to the undercarriage, wheels, and wheel wells. Salt and sludge tends to accumulate in these areas, and you want to make sure that all of it has been completely removed.

Make sure to properly clear away any salt or dirt that might be lodged in nooks and crannies

Make sure to properly clear away any salt or dirt that might be lodged in nooks and crannies

Of course, while temperatures might be getting warmer and sunnier, those with auto detailing training know to avoid washing cars outdoors in the direct sunlight. Letting a car air dry in the sun can lead to unsightly watermarks or even damage the paintwork.

Vacuuming and Washing Interiors During Your Auto Detailing Career

A car’s exterior isn’t the only thing affected by winter weather. Passengers can bring in salt, sand, and gravel on their boots, dirtying up carpets and upholstery. To help get cars looking fresh and clean again, you’ll need to do a thorough interior cleaning as well.

Some detailers prefer to start a spring cleaning by tackling the interior of the car first. Others might opt for washing the car’s exterior when starting a job. Whichever order you decide to use during your auto detailing career, you’ll want to make sure that when detailing a car’s interior, you thoroughly vacuum up all debris. Remove the floor mats and soak them in warm water or use a chemical cleaner to remove any salt stains. Then, carefully clean the upholstery, paying special attention to scrubbing out salt stains.

Detailers make sure to thoroughly clean interiors, making sure to remove all stains and dirt

Detailers make sure to thoroughly clean interiors, making sure to remove all stains and dirt

Wax the Car to Ensure it Stays Protected

Washing away the dirt that accumulated both inside and outside of a car is a great step towards a proper spring cleaning. However, detailers know that protecting a car from future damage is also an important part of detailing work. While the dangers of road salt may be gone, spring and summer bring with them their own car care concerns. Bugs and harsh sunshine can do a number on a car’s paintwork, which is why it’s essential to wax the car after it has been washed and polished. This helps to give it a good layer of protection, and keep paint safe during the upcoming warmer seasons.

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