Gen-Z Consumers & Widespread EV Adoption: A Guide for Automotive School Grads

Gen-Z is a unique group shaped by several transformative world events and technological advancements. As they adapt to adulthood, start careers, and move out independently, brands across industries are curious about how to appeal to this interesting demographic. Born between 1997 and 2012, Gen-Z grew up on the internet. They rely heavily on the information they regularly access from their devices to form strong opinions and convictions. They use social media in a unique way, connecting, sharing, and getting inspired on various platforms. 

If you’re considering a career in the automotive industry, particularly in the electric vehicle sector, you may be curious about what appeals to Gen-Z consumers. As they become older and exercise more buying power in the Canadian economy, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Gen-Z’s choices will majorly impact the future. Keep reading to discover what Gen-Z values most and what challenges must be overcome to allow for widespread EV adoption among them. 

Gen-Z Thinks EVs Are Cool

In a poll conducted by Jerry, 32% of Gen-Z respondents said they would drive an electric vehicle simply because they are cool. This data is unsurprising because many zoomers are still in their teens, though frivolous. After automotive school, your Gen-Z customers may prioritize a ‘cool’ driving experience where design, connectivity, and comfort are at the forefront of EV engineering. Luckily, the current EV market seems to tick all those boxes, with established automakers starting to sell hybrid and electric vehicles that offer the luxurious driving experience that Gen-Z consumers want. Infotainment systems in new EV models are typically expected to connect to personal devices and have personalization options. 

Young male happily driving his car serviced by an automotive school graduate
After automotive school, your Gen-Z customers may want a luxury driving experience

Consider Sustainability for Gen-Z Customers After Automotive School

Gen-Zers are used to having access to plenty of information. As a result, they are very aware of world events and the long-term implications that come with them. 

Gen-Z is a conscientious bunch, and they are concerned about the planet’s well-being. Many advocate for positive change on social media, in their personal lives, and even in policy-making, like 20-year-old Swedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg, for example. 

Carbon-neutral vehicles will surely appeal to Gen-Z, who are concerned about the planet and who have shown their willingness to pay an average of 10% more for sustainable products. After hybrid and electrical mechanic training, understanding the values of your Gen-Z customers and clients will help you cater to them. 

Financial Concerns Pose the Biggest Threat to Gen-Z EV Adoption 

Though most Gen-Z consumers are ready to switch to zero-emissions vehicles, obstacles are standing in their way. At the beginning of their careers, most Gen-Z drivers shop for their first cars on a budget. Research by The Zebra revealed that though Gen-Z are most likely to consider driving an EV, they are also most likely to cite the insurance rate as a reason not to do so. 

The hand of an automotive school grad holds the key to give to a Gen-Z who holds money
After automotive school, you might find that Gen-Z customers are concerned about cost

Fortunately, Gen-Z’s financial outlook is still unfolding as they get older. In addition, the affordability and accessibility of electric vehicles continue to improve as the Canadian government intervenes with numerous tax rebates. 

Whether you intend to specialize in the sale or repair of electric vehicles throughout your automotive career, remembering these distinct features of Gen-Z drivers will help you make a positive impression that aligns with this group’s values, motivations, and concerns.

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