GEM-CAR and Automotive Training Centres: Learn More About Our Important New Partnership

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An exciting change is coming soon to Automotive Training Centres. Recently, we started a partnership with automotive software provider GEM-CAR. Short for Global Enterprise Management for Car and Automotive Repair, GEM-CAR is an auto repair management software that helps shops run smoothly and efficiently.

This partnership will incorporate even more technology into our training modules at ATC, and further bring our courses into the digital age. GEM-CAR can help prepare ATC’s graduates to save time, increase efficiency, and better serve future clients. Read on to discover all the ways our students can benefit from this new opportunity.

Why Automotive Training Centres Has Partnered with GEM-CAR

Preparing for any career in the automotive world means joining a field where change is a fact of life. This is a field where new technology and developments are coming out all the time. In fact, it’s part of what makes careers in the auto industry so rewarding.

To stay ahead of the curve and give students the best leg up after graduating, top schools make sure to integrate new technology in the classroom. It’s why ATC is incorporating GEM-CAR software into facilities and training programs.

Automotive maintenance and repair is including more and more technological components
Automotive maintenance and repair is including more and more technological components

At ATC, we believe that staying current with automotive trends and technology gives our students cutting edge training, and GEM-CAR, as a leader in automotive repair management software, stood out to us for several reasons. They are a company that puts significant investments in research and development, which means that our students can take advantage of the latest innovative and creative features. GEM-CAR software also makes it easier for students seeking automotive certification to schedule maintenance appointments, save time on scheduling, and digitally file paperless documents. This helps everyone cut down on small tasks and pay more attention to the work they’d rather focus on in the classroom and the garage.

How Does GEM-CAR Work?

In brief, GEM-CAR offers customizable modules that centralize data and information into one software system. Before, professionals had to use either multiple software programs, handwritten records, or a combination of the two. With GEM-CAR, our students have more of a one-stop-shop that provides all the information they need for their day-to-day work.

There are different modules within the software which address different areas and tasks, and a module is simply a sub-unit of a larger program, the same way that your trash or spam folder is a subset of your email. GEM-CAR modules include setting up agendas and appointments, work bay overview, quick estimates, work orders, and time logs, and it is regularly updated with helpful features. A recent new addition, for instance, helps clean up the user database by merging duplicate customer and vehicle information.

GEM-CAR Software and Auto Mechanic Certification

You’re probably wondering how this new addition will affect your automotive training and certification. ATC always wants the best for our students, and we wouldn’t implement any new changes that we didn’t think would be to the full benefit of our students.

We decided that GEM-CAR was right for our students because of its adaptability. New technologies in the automotive world can be hard to master, but GEM-CAR software is user-friendly and easy to learn. Additionally, it can also import data from other software programs, and be used by many people at once. This lets our students improve their collaboration and communication skills, as well as their familiarity with computer technologies, further preparing them for a bright future in the automotive industry.

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