Why Gaining Practical Experience Is Important for Those in an Auto Detailing Career

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Training for a successful career in auto detailing involves more than just sitting in a classroom. In order to truly master the art of automotive detailing and refurbishing, it’s essential that students have access to hands-on experience in the field to practice and perfect the skills they’ll use on the job. Not only does practical experience make it easier to successfully transition into a career in the auto detailing industry, it also enables students to develop valuable soft skills such as communication and teamwork. 

As an auto detailing student at ATC Surrey, you’ll receive 85% of your training in the shop, building practical skills and gaining the confidence necessary to succeed in a real working environment. Not only will you learn the ins and outs of getting a vehicle ready for the showroom floor, you’ll also develop the skills to maintain vehicle interiors and exteriors, using different materials, chemicals, tools, and equipment. Below, learn more about the value of practical experience for your auto detailing career.

Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Duties Involved in an Auto Detailing Career

Without hands-on experience, it can be difficult to properly master the kinds of duties and responsibilities you’ll encounter during your auto detailing career. Auto detailing professionals have a complicated and precise job, working with a number of different chemicals, solutions, materials, and equipment to prepare and recondition a vehicle for the showroom floor. With access to hands-on training in a shop, future auto detailers have the opportunity to master different detailing techniques, learning from their mistakes and receiving guidance from industry-experienced instructors. While learning in a hands-on environment, students are also more engaged, resulting in a deeper understanding of what they’re learning. After gaining this level of practical experience, students can easily transition into a fulfilling career upon completing their program. 

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Practical experience will translate to improved performance in your future auto detailing career

You’ll Develop Soft Skills in Addition to Hard Skills

Another benefit of receiving practical experience during your detailing training? You’ll not only build tangible, transferable skills in auto detailing, but you’ll also develop soft skills. In order to succeed in a real working environment such as an automotive shop, there are a few skills which are important to build. Auto detailers need to be good at communicating in order to speak with customers, work with other professionals on their team, and follow instructions. Additionally, it’s important that auto detailers are attentive to detail, as they’ll be working to correct minor imperfections in vehicles in order to return them to their original glory. When students receive practical experience throughout their auto detailing training, they’re getting a head start on developing these soft skills, preparing them for a successful career. 

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With practical experience, you’ll build soft skills like communication

Build Your Network in the Auto Detailing Field With Practical Experience

Not only does practical experience lead to an enhanced skill set and greater confidence, it also provides students with a great environment to make connections within the auto industry. While completing hands-on training, students learn from industry experts. However, not only are these industry experts valuable teachers, they may be great resources for connections within the auto detailing industry, leading to job leads or other interesting opportunities. For those seeking to build a future in automotive detailing, there’s no better way to get started in the field than by developing a network of contacts. For this reason, it’s important to choose a program like that offered by ATC Surrey, where you’ll be able to make industry connections through hands-on training.

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