Future Automotive Business Managers: Check Out 3 Cars that Keep Rising in Value

Check out our short list of cars that will only keep rising in value during your automotive business manager career!

Aside from buying a house or condo, purchasing a brand new car can be one of the most expensive things people spend money on in their lifetimes. Owning a car also costs money over time. Regular stops to the fuel pump, maintenance, and the occasional repair are all part of what it means to be a car owner.

In some cases, however, cars can maintain their value over time. There are even models that become so sought-after that their value can exceed the original asking price—even decades later. If you’re planning to start a career as an automotive business manager, keeping your eye out for cars that maintain or even increase in value over the years can show customers that a car can be an investment instead of a money pit. Read on to check out a few cars that have gone up in value over time.

1. Nissan 300 Z31 Twin Turbo: A Sought-After Car any Automotive Business Manager Should Know

Since its release in the early 90s the Nissan 300 was popularized amongst car enthusiasts who are into tuning. The Z31 model was a performance car that boasted a four-wheel steering system and twin turbo engine. Pros in automotive careers know that if they come across an original Nissan 300 Z31, it could go for up to $25,000 these days. They start to lose value, however, if there were any engine or exhaust modifications done on them at some point.

2. An Automotive Business Manager Should be on the Lookout for Honda S2000s

The highly-recognizable S2000 roadster was originally released in 2000 in order to celebrate the Japanese automaker’s 50th anniversary. By 2008, roughly 110,000 units of the S200 were sold worldwide, and they’re still highly sought-after today because of their ability to rev at 9,000 RPMs and their ultra-light curb weight of around 2,700 lbs.

If ever you become an automotive business manager in a used car showroom, remember that S2000s are still capable of raking in a pretty penny. A 2007 model with around 50K on the odometer, for example, can be listed for up to $40,000 today.

3. Pros in Automotive Careers Know the DeLorean DMC 12 Maintains “Back to the Future” Pricing

This distinctive model was the only one that the DeLorean Motor Company ever produced. A total of around 9,000 models came off the assembly line before production was stopped in 1983. With a stainless steel body and gull wing doors, the DeLorean DMC 12 was immortalized by the popular Back to the Future film series. With a 2.85-litre V6, it might not be the most powerful car on our list, but the Irish built DMC 12 is highly recognizable due to the film franchise, making it a favorite amongst collectors.

When in good shape, an original DMC 12 can fetch anywhere between $30,000 – $40,000 today.

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