Fun New Year’s Upgrades for a Career in Auto Body Repair Technician Training

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The start of a new year is a great time to get a new haircut, pick up a new hobby or enroll in a new program. But what about your beloved car? Here are some fun ways you can enhance your car-owning experience in the new year, giving yourself a fresh start and some positive energy for 2020.

If your interest lies in auto body upgrades, a body kit might be the most interesting option for you. You’ll be working on other people’s cars in your career, solving problems and making adjustments, and it’s important to remember to leave a little space for creativity when you’re off the clock. Read on for some fun New Year’s upgrades you can play with on your own vehicle!

Auto Body Repair Technicians Can Look Cool With Ground Effects Kits

Auto body kits are additions you can install on a vehicle to change the appearance and style, usually to give a sportier feel. A ground effects body kit is the perfect way to add a sports car flavour to your ride. Rather than purchasing separate components, a ground effects kit will give you exactly what you need in one collection. Drivers enjoy the racecar-like quality that these kits (sometimes referred to as lip kits) offer with their bumper and side attachments. The pieces act to reduce airflow between the car and the road, better gripping the ground as the car moves.

Ground effects kits mimic the look of a racecar
Ground effects kits mimic the look of a racecar

Not only is the driving feel customized by these kits, but the look of your vehicle is also given a lowered, more dramatic flair. The difference between an average person and someone in auto body technician training like yourself is that you will understand which kits match best with which cars. You want a kit that will add to the appearance and feel of your car while still seamlessly blending into the original design.

Love Making an Impression? Graphics Might Be Right Up Your Alley

If you enjoy putting an individual mark on things, you might be interested in upgrading the look of your car with a vinyl graphic. This can be a more affordable way to turn heads than fancy rims or flashy light features. If you can’t find graphics that suit your personal style, you can have custom vinyl graphics printed of whatever your heart desires.  Your career in auto body repair will show you the impact of your work environment on efficiency and job quality. When applying a graphic, this is of the utmost importance as both temperature and airflow can affect the application.

You may get practice installing company logos on cars
You may get practice installing company logos on cars

Just like your first tattoo, you can have fun deciding exactly where on the body of the car you’d like your graphic to go. Would you like it to be stretching along the side of the car, from the rear passenger door all the way to the side mirror? Or would you rather show your personality through a graphic that appears on the rear window? Whatever you decide, graphics are a safe way to decorate and play with the style of your car, as they are removable. As long as you’ve prepped properly and used your skills to ensure everything is done by the books, you can remove the image when you tire of it or want to resell the vehicle. It makes for a nice alternative to new paint jobs that can reduce the resale value.

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