Ford Follows Tesla’s Lead and Makes its EV Patents Available to Competitors

EV Patents Available to Competitors

Ford Motor Co. has launched a press release stating that it will be opening up its patents on electric-car technology to its competitors. Of course at first, any automotive professional might find that this move seems vaguely familiar, since just last year Tesla Motors made its patents publically available as well. But while Tesla made its patents available to anyone at no cost, Ford will be licensing its patents for a fee.

The main goal of the automotive giant’s recent decision is to accelerate the development of electric vehicles. In a recent statement, director of Ford electrification programs Kevin Layden stated; “By sharing our research with other companies, we will accelerate the growth of electrified vehicle technology and deliver even better products to customers.”

Automotive students interested in pursuing careers in electric vehicle technology can read on to learn more about Ford’s recent patent release.

Auto Pros Know that Ford Has More Patents on the Way

Ford is believed to have over 650 patents linked to electric vehicles as well as approximately 1000 more pending patent applications. The American auto company has stated that it plans to employ at least 200 more electric vehicle professionals within the next year, so it can continue its EV endeavors. These opportunities certainly sound like good news for graduates of mechanic colleges who have a special interest in working with electric vehicles.

Automakers are Getting Close to A Longer EV Battery

Of the wide range of patents that Ford will be releasing onto the public, there are a few in particular that might spark the interests of professionals in auto careers. Some of the most ground-breaking patents that will be released include: a method for extending the battery life of an EV, a technology for maximizing the amount of energy that is recaptured through regenerative braking, as well as a system that monitors driver inputs and provides feedback on how to improve fuel economy and more.

How Can Automotive Industry Experts Gain Access to Ford’s Patents?

If you are currently enrolled in auto mechanic courses, you might be interested in learning how you can get your hands on a few of Ford’s electric vehicle patents. Ford said that its patents can be found and purchased through the AutoHarvest Foundation—a non-profit organization which it actually helped found in 2012. However, a Ford spokesman said that the patent prices vary from hundreds to thousands—making them difficult for just any old Joe to buy.

Students who want a look at new EV technology without the high fees can simply opt for obtaining some of Tesla’s EV patents free of charge, since CEO Elon Musk released them into the public domain approximately one year ago.

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