Follow Rocco’s Story as He Prepares to Become a Certified Mechanic

become a certified mechanic

Like many of ATC’s students, Rocco is pursuing a lifelong passion. Looking to change careers after a construction-site injury, Rocco found an opportunity to work with cars. He was hired as a car washer at a dealership, where his natural passion led him to the very top of the car washing department. ATC’s automotive technician training program is the next step for Rocco, helping him toward his goal of becoming an auto mechanic.

ATC will be following Rocco’s experience, with Facebook videos showing his progress throughout the course. In this role, Rocco hopes to share with his peers, inspiring them to pursue their own personal goals.

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How Rocco Decided on Auto Mechanic Training

Rocco recalls growing up working on bikes and superbikes with his father—the origins of a passion he is now pursuing professionally. After deciding on auto mechanic training, Rocco found that ATC presented unique advantages. He felt the school was invested in his success—and willing to help him take the next step. “They helped me motivate myself to get back to school and succeed in the pursuit of this dream”, Rocco says.

For Rocco, training to become a mechanic is an opportunity to make a living at what he loves. The pace of ATC’s course is also an important factor for him, offering a shorter timeline than other training options. He also appreciates being able to continue working while pursuing this learning opportunity. Helping him become a certified mechanic, these courses also get Rocco closer to his ultimate career goal: owning his own shop.

Rocco Hopes to Connect with Current and Future Students

ATC has chosen to document Rocco’s story, showcasing his progress online as he becomes an auto mechanic. Reflecting on how this project came about, Rocco says “the school thought that my story was inspiring and that it could help open the eyes of others that are in the same position as me”. He adds that ATC recognized his willingness to work hard and make sacrifices in achieving his goal.

The project puts Rocco in touch with current and prospective ATC students through videos on Facebook. Speaking of his viewership, Rocco says “they’ll have a chance to see a peer going through the program, see what the program is all about, and see that they can do it too!” In this role, Rocco hopes to channel his passion and experience to inspire others. “Always look at the positive”, he says, and “always learn from the negative.”

Rocco Highlights the Importance of Perseverance

Rocco says that “nothing comes easy but you have to keep on pushing hard toward your goals.” When asked about the advice he would give future students in his position, he highlights the importance of strength and personal motivation. ATC helped him awaken his own motivation and channel it toward a set goal. And while this self-motivation is crucial, he advises students to keep an open mind about accepting help from others.

Most importantly, Rocco says students should follow their passion and seize opportunities: “you’re the only one that can make it work for yourself, for your future.”

Rocco is seizing his own opportunity, working hard toward exciting opportunities in the field he loves. “You have to put in the efforts”, he says, “and the first one is the hardest!”

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