Find Out Why Pros in Auto Mechanic Careers Are Raving About the Lexus GS F!

Find Out Why Pros in Auto Mechanic Careers Are Raving About the Lexus GS F!

The 2016 GS F sports sedan will be the newest member of the Lexus family when the model arrives in December. The new sedan is basically a bigger, 4-door version of the automaker’s RC F, but with a couple of added features that make the GS F an affordable competitor to cars like the Audi RS7 and BMW M5.

What auto experts are most impressed over is Lexus’ ability to introduce a new model that’s innovative, but that also offers the driving style that the automaker is renowned for.

If you’re pursuing an automotive career, read on to learn more about the engine specs of the all-new Lexus GS F, and find out why auto experts are calling it an instant classic.

Specs of the Lexus GS F: A Guide for Students in Auto Mechanic School

The Lexus GS F will adopt the RC F’s engine—a 5.0 litre V8 that’s capable of producing 467 horsepower. Students in auto mechanic school know that many carmakers use auto technology like turbo chargers to boost engine power. With the GS F, Lexus chose to stick with what they know by keeping the V8 naturally-aspirated—this means that the engine would have to rev high to outperform some of its German rivals.

The GS F features an eight speed automatic transmission to propel the car’s rear-wheel drive system. It’s quite a bit lighter in weight than other sedans in its class, which enables it to handle turns at higher speeds, as if it had AWD. In addition, the GS F is built with a torque-vectoring differential, which gives the rear axle the extra bit of rotation needed to make perfect cornering lines.

While on the road, drivers will be able to switch between driving modes like eco, normal, sport, and sport+ to suit their mood.

Pros in Auto Mechanic Careers Know The Lexus GS F Truly is a ‘Classic’ Car

Students pursuing auto mechanic careers might be interested to learn that the all-new Lexus GS F doesn’t have any self-driving capabilities. Since self-driving cars seem to be the way of the future for most carmakers, some people might even find it refreshing that Lexus decided to stay classic. However, this doesn’t mean that the GS F does not feature any impressive technology.

The infotainment screen is huge, measuring over 12 inches across. Lexus decided to go with a deeper-set screen that uses a mouse and enter button as opposed to a touchscreen, which makes for a clearer image when drivers are trying to get GPS directions.

For a car that doesn’t use a turbo charger, it still has decent fuel economy, with an overall rating from National Resources Canada of 12.5 liters per 100 kilometers. Although there’s no Canadian pricing available for the GS F just yet, the car is expected to be slightly more affordable than several other luxury sedans, likely coming in around $80,000.

Check out this video for a glimpse of the Lexus GS F:

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