Find Out What You Need to Know to Become a Collision Estimator with ATC’s Online Course

If you’re a car fanatic, a career as a collision estimator could be for you. Collision estimators work oncars that have been damaged in a crash and calculate how much the repairs will cost.

At ATC, students can choose to complete a collision estimating program without leaving their home! The online program is available to anyone anywhere with an internet connection and will teach you everything that you need to know to work as a professional collision estimator. Students can choose to study at a pace that suits them and can easily balance classes with other work or family commitments.

Read on to find out what you need to know to be a collision estimator.

Learn to Identify Damage in Auto Body Estimator Training

As a collision estimator, you will need to be able to examine a car and identify the damage. As part of ATC’s online auto body estimator training course, you will learn how to identify what caused the damage and calculate the direction and impact of the hit.

You should be able to draw detailed conclusions about the point of impact and extent of the damage. For example, was the vehicle stationary or moving when it was hit? Was it hit by a smaller or larger vehicle? Or, was it hit by a stationary object or something off the road?

As well as this, you will learn to identify new and old damage. Sometimes a car will come to the garage for repair after a collision, but there will be old scratches and dents from earlier accidents. Accuracy is very important in collision estimating.

A professional collision estimator will be able to describe what caused the damage to the car

How to Repair Steel and Plastic

The next step after identifying the damage is estimating the cost of the repair. Students in online collision estimator training will learn the processes involved in repairing different materials, including steel and metals.This means that they will be able to calculate the costs involved with repairing the car body, whatever the material.

For example, the ATC online program includes repair processes like welding, which are commonly used to fix steel.

Learn to Write a Detailed Estimate

One of the most important parts of writing an accurate collision estimate is detail. It’s easy to underestimate the cost involved in the repairs, so students will learn to include all the potential costs involved. This includes labour, repair, and painting.

If you underestimate the repair costs, you will either need to increase the cost later on, or the garage will lose money. This could damage customer relations as the customer will find it difficult to trust your original quote.

Use Different Industry Software

Nowadays, there is lots of different software available to help collision estimators write a detailed and accurate estimate. As a collision repair student, you will learn how to complete written and computer-based estimates using industry software.

This means that you will enter your first apprenticeship or job experienced and confident using common collision estimating software.

Students will learn how to prepare written and computer-based estimates

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