Ferrari Fever: Spain to Have a Ferrariland by 2016

Exterior of the Ferrari World at Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesIt looks like there’s one brand that both auto sales college graduates and people studying to be travel agents will be pitching in the near future (if they haven’t started already): Ferrari. That’s because the automaker is lending its name to a second theme park scheduled to open outside of Barcelona in 2016 called Ferrariland.

Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World Was First

People pursuing auto careers will remember that the first such venture opened in 2010 on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. It was and still is the world’s largest indoor theme park, featuring the world’s fastest roller coaster (which accelerates to 240km/h in under five seconds), the world’s largest Ferrari gallery, a ride through a V12 Ferrari engine (an experience that should interest people who have taken an auto mechanic apprenticeship), and the world’s largest Ferrari shop. The whole thing is housed under a huge replica of the side of a Ferrari GT with the world’s largest Ferrari badge.

Initially, many wondered if an automaker, even one as popular and successful as Ferrari, could pull off the successful branding and marketing of an amusement park. Turns out they could. The place was quite the success and Ferrari started getting offers to open up other theme parks almost immediately.

But just how much of Ferrari World’s success is due to its location? Abu Dhabi is quite wealthy and successful as a tourist destination for the financially secure. Yas Island, in particular, is also the home of a track that hosts an annual Formula One race, so Ferrari is no stranger to those parts.

This has caused many to wonder if the Ferrari theme park formula could be repeated elsewhere and achieve similar results. Ferrari thinks it can.

Next Stop: Barcelona

The supercar maker has partnered with Investindustrial, owner of PortAventura, a high tech family theme park which attracts close to four million tourists each year. They are building Ferrari Land over 75,000 square metres of the PortAventura property near Barcelona, so it already will be part of the most heavily visited amusement park in Spain and the Mediterranean region.

The project, which is expected to be completed by 2016, will cost roughly 100 million Euros to build. While many of the details still haven’t been worked out, there are some coming attractions that we do know about. They include:

  • The highest and fastest vertical accelerator in the world
  • A Ferrari-themed five-star luxury hotel complete with 250 rooms, restaurants and driving simulators
  • F1 car exhibits
  • A slot car ride

What’s Next?

After the success of one amusement park, what looks like a potential repeat in Europe and many other offers still on the table, is Ferrari planning to open other parks? Not just yet. According to Andrea Perrone, CEO of the Ferrari Brand, “we will continue to evaluate other proposals for theme parks outside Europe at our leisure: the brand is our most important asset and we have to enhance its value without diluting it.”

Are you excited for the opening of Ferrari Land? Do you want to see more Ferrari-themed parks? 

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