The Felino cB7: Canada’s Supercar

Felino cB7 supercar
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In the automotive world these days, supercars are all the rage at the various automotive shows happening around the globe. Nothing creates quite as much buzz as an insanely turbocharged behemoth of a car that can rocket down the highway so fast it threatens to break the sound barrier. Not only do these wonder cars feature some of the most powerful and mind blowing engines in the world of automobiles, but they usually look as if they’ve been plucked right out of a science fiction novel. As far as auto careers go, designing a supercar is pretty high on the list of dream jobs.

Now, it looks as though Canada can throw its name into the hat of countries responsible for birthing a jaw-dropping supercar. While previously we’ve only heard rumours and seen videos like the one below of it ripping donuts in Montreal, the Felino cB7 is Canada’s new supercar, and since its debut at the Montreal Auto Show earlier this year, everyone from automotive journalists to your auto mechanic have been buzzing about it. So what makes it so intriguing?

The Details

The Felino cB7 is an extremely high-performance two-seater vehicle that has been designed for the track, but could also be legalized for street driving. The project, based in Quebec, is led by CEO and Canadian racecar driver Antoine Bessette. The car, as it was unveiled earlier this year, marks the end of a four year long push to bring the supercar out into the world. This is considered to be the second-generation prototype of the supercar, which has gone through rigorous development and testing at the Gilles-Villeneuve racing circuit in Montreal.

Image Source
Image Source

Under the Hood

To call the Felino cB7 powerful would be an understatement. It’s reported that the final design will boast slightly over 500 horsepower. Talk about a beast! However, relatively little is known about the exact specifications of the car, with the company preferring to use the show rather than tell approach these days. What we do know is that the Felino cB7 is rear wheel drive and most likely features a turbo 4 cylinder engine of some sort, judging by the sound in that video. The car is expected to ship with a six speed manual transmission. Its lightweight body, made with high-tech composite materials, clocks in at under 1000lbs, and sports a 50/50 weight distribution.

While the car isn’t quite ready for mainstream audiences, the glimpse we have into the future that this super vehicle offers is quite astonishing. It may not be that every car we see from now on will sport the power and intensity that the Felino cB7 sports, but the innovative, lightweight design and incredibly chic look are definitely going to influence the way automobiles are made for years to come. This is definitely one car that everyone in automotive careers should keep an eye on.

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