Feast Your Eyes on the 2015 Aston Martin Vanquish

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If you plan to pursue training at an auto sales college, Aston Martin has got a new car that you might just want to keep your eye on! On the outside, the British automaker’s 2015 Vanquish is absolutely stunning, and on the inside it’s extremely powerful – of course, we would expect nothing less from the auto retailer that’s linked to so many James Bond cars. Continue reading to learn more about what’s under the hood of this high-powered beauty.

Exterior Design

This vehicle has a sleek coupe exterior, large wheels (20” rims) and of course, an engine that you can hear purring from a distance. The car also has various exposed carbon fibre details that are sure to catch any consumer’s eye – although the price tag may be somewhat daunting for some. The Vanquish starts at approximately $300,000!

Here is a peak at the 2015 Aston Martin Vanquish:


It’s no secret that this particular auto retailer prides itself on its fast cars, and Aston Martin definitely does not disappoint with its 2015 Vanquish. For the new model, the manufacturer has switched from a 6 to an 8-speed transmission –meaning it can handle a lot more speed. Though any automotive service technician can confirm that more speed usually comes with hefty gas fees, Aston Martin has thought up a way to leverage the engine’s existing power to increase fuel efficiency – by integrating the ZF 8-speed transaxle.

The New ZF 8-Speed Transaxle

The main goal of this new auto component is to improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Graduates of mechanic colleges can confirm that the ZF 8-speed transaxle is rear-mounted, and the transmission uses a traditional torque converter to reduce shift times to about 130 milliseconds (when the car is in sport mode). An aluminium torque tube connects the engine to the transaxle –which reduces loss due to its lightweight design.

In The Cabin

The car’s cabin (although it can, of course, be customized) is fully equipped with fine leathers and top-notch materials. While the front seats are quite spacious and designed for comfort, the rear seats are probably big enough to hold a few shopping bags, or perhaps a gym bag. In other words, the Aston Martin Vanquish is not necessarily designed to be a passenger car.

Lacking in Technology

Though the Vanquish is by no means lacking where looks and power are concerned, as far as in-cabin technology goes this car’s interior might be a little dated. While most of today’s luxury vehicles feature state-of-the-art infotainment and navigation systems – which are normally powered by touch-screen buttons, or a single knob – the Vanquish boasts a pop-up screen infotainment center with old-fashioned graphics and controls.

Q By Aston Martin

The British carmaker has recently introduced a whole new level of luxury with Q by Aston Martin. Q is the manufacturer’s in-house customization shop – so, if you want your Vanquish (or Vantage) to stand out from all the rest, you turn to Q to brand it with several details that are unique to you.

How would you personalize your Aston Martin Vanquish and do you think it’s worth the hefty price tag?

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