The Best Fantasy Cars on Film

Summer is the blockbuster season par excellence. Big productions with big explosions, big budgets and, yes, big, surreal cars! So we thought this is the perfect time to review some of the best fantasy cars on film. The best concept fantasy cars that have been created on film make a car designer’s imagination seem limitless. And with the seemingly unlimited amount of resources from film production budgets, bringing these dreamed up cars to life becomes possible.

When thinking of fantasy cars, the best ideas that come to mind have to do with Bond, James Bond. The British spy has driven some of the most innovative cars to perform the most action-packed stunts to catch criminals. Since James Bond doesn’t ever really stick to anything ordinary, his cars stand out for their accessorized gadgets as much as their looks. Those interested in auto careers, are most likely familiar with the range of cars driven by Bond.

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One well-loved car driven by Bond is the Aston Martin Vanquish, which was Bond’s car in Die Another Day. With a power output of 573 PS (421 kW; 565 bhp) at 6,750 rpm and torque of 620 N·m (460 lb·ft) at 5,500 rpm, if you manage to get your hands on one of these, you can easily fulfill your Bond fantasies. However, it will be lacking a few of the gadgets on the car in the movie, such as concealed guns and rockets, passenger ejection seats and adaptive camouflage. And if reading about Bond’s car isn’t enough, at automotive school you can also learn about all of the components that are used in cars to dream up your own personal fantasy car.

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Another car that has inspired as many fantasies as James Bond’s cars, is the car used by Speed Racer, the Mach 5. The Mach 5 actually exists as a real car that is used in the Speed Racer movie and one version was even showcased at the 2010 St. Louis Auto show.The real life car is based on a C4 Corvette and even though the Speed Racerfilm car can go up to 300 mph, the real life car tops out at 180 mph. However it does have the special illuminating headlights, wraparound windshield, and working saw blades that the film version is known for.

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If the Mach 5 represents the real life version of a fantasy race car, then the Batmobile from Batman Beginsis the dream version of an armoured race car come to life. The Batmobile uses a 5.7-liter Chevy V-8 engine that can go from zero to 60 mph (100 kph) in 5 seconds. Even with the super power engine of this vehicle and the impressive look of the real life Batmobile, in the movie four versions of the car were used to make it look sufficiently realistic.

The best fantasy about all of these cars is that with auto mechanic courses, you’ll be able to work on your own car and maybe even build your own dream car!

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