The Best Looking F1 Cars of All Time for Those in Automotive School

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This year’s Formula 1 is now well underway. As any car fanatic will tell you, while the F1 is very much about the speed and power of cars—and the skills of the drivers behind them—there’s also something to be said for how awesome the cars look too. 

While a beautiful car might not be enough to win races, it will definitely turn heads. Racing cars are designed for speed first and foremost, but they also stand out. If you are passionate about fast cars and the F1, read on to learn a little more about some of the best looking F1 cars throughout history. 

Students in Auto Service College Can Admire the Lotus 72D 

Car fanatics who have been following the F1 for a while will know of the Lotus 72. Designed in 1970 for Colin Chapman and Maurice Philippe, this vehicle took part in more than 70 races over six seasons. 

The Lotus 72 doesn’t just look good—it also performed well. It won the Grand Prix 20 times, the Drivers Championship twice, and the Constructors Championships three times. 

This award-winning car is powered by the famous Cosworth-Ford DFV engine. Students in automotive school will be delighted to see the classic exposed engine, which was typical of the time:

The Ligier JS11/15 Amazed Audiences in 1979 

Designed by Gerard Ducarouge in 1979, the Ligier JS11/15 was one of the most distinctive Ligiers ever created. This car didn’t just look good. It was also powerful and won the F1 five times. 

The Ligier JS11/15 first debuted at the Argentinian Grand Prix in 1979. The car had impressive aerodynamics, including a fin on its rear, which gave the car its distinctive French look. It was actually so aerodynamic that the downforce it produced caused it to lift off the ground during a race at Long Beach in the US. You can see this great-looking car for yourself in this short clip: 

The Tyrrell P34 Was a Six-Wheeled Wonder 

Students in auto mechanic school might be interested in some of the stranger cars to ever race around the track. If so, then they might already be familiar with the iconic Tyrrell P34 from 1976. The car had six wheels—four small ones in the front, and two regular ones in the back—and was one of the most standout cars to ever hit the track. This wild design came at a time when most F1 cars shared the same gearbox and engine. So, in order to try and eke out an advantage against the competition, designer Derek Gardner decided to see what would happen if he added two extra wheels to the car. 

That bold bet paid off. Not only did the Tyrell P34 look fantastic, but it also performed well. In fact, it’s the only six-wheeled car to ever win a Grand Prix! You can take a quick look at this one-of-a-kind F1 car in this shot clip:

Unfortunately, the car was eventually discontinued after Goodyear stopped making the small front tires that made the car so iconic. 

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