Exploring the Strangest Car Festivals

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It’s no secret that automotive shows are an important part about what makes car culture such a big phenomenon. Whether it’s the excitement that builds when rumours about what cars are going to be unveiled start buzzing around, the feeling of getting together with like minded people and talking shop about V8s all day, or just the feeling of being surrounded by cars all day, car festivals are wonderful things. However, sometimes, they’re also bizarre and ridiculous things. There are a few car festivals that happen across this wide world of ours that range from the quirky to the downright bizarre. We compiled a list of them so you can have some hilarious stories to tell your fellow auto mechanic.

The Swedish Rockabilly Car Show

Dubbed Power Big Meet, it’s a car show that happens yearly in Sweden that is heavily focused on Rockabilly music and touts itself as the largest American car show in the world. People travel from all over the globe to attend the celebrations, which feature a ton of great country and rockabilly bands, and more classic American cars than you can shake a stick at. Patrons frequently describe the show as a wild and hilarious carnival more than a car show, but it’s consistently attracted people from every corner of the world since its inception and shows no signs of slowing down.

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Import Fest

A festival dedicated solely to the strangest and most beautiful import cars takes place in Toronto at the Metro Convention Centre. Described as Canada’s “biggest and baddest” car show, it takes place on July 26th this year. Complete with DJ battles, RC racing competitions, and a wild contest for modding and souping up your car, it’s one festival that’s sure to grab your attention.

Sydney Retro Speed Fest

A twist on a tried and true festival idea, Sydney Australia takes the concept of a race weekend and turns it into something completely different by adding the element of retro and classic cars. That’s right, this festival is all about getting together to share your love of beautiful antique and classic cars, and then racing them! If you grew up with memories of the old muscle car races, then this is definitely the festival for you. Some of the coolest and most beautiful looking retro cars are waiting!

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Concept Car Exhibition

The International Automobile Festival in Paris also plays host to this spinoff festival, the Concept Car Exhibition. While normally you go to a festival expecting to see a handful of amazing and jawdropping concept cars, this festival packs all of them into one place. From insanely fast speed demons that fly so fast they need special automotive painting, to revolutionary self driving cars or other interactive technologies that are just waiting to crack open the world of auto careers, this futuristic festival has it all.

So if you’re looking to step outside of the realm of normal motor shows and experience the strange and wonderful world of fringe automobile festivals, these are the cream of the crop!

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