Exploring Automotive Careers? 3 Signs a Career in Auto Body Estimating is Right for You

If you’re in the business of helping people make the best decision for their vehicle repairs, then a career as an auto body estimator would be a great fit for you. You will guide customers through the damage assessment, insurance claim and repair process when their vehicles have been in a collision. You will analyze damages done to a vehicle, gather information pertaining to the accident, determine what repairs are required, place the work orders and calculate repair cost estimates.

At ATC Toronto, you’ll be prepared for a career in auto body estimating through our hands-on training, as you diagnose and repair many different makes of automobiles. If this sounds appealing, read on to discover three signs that this career path is right for you.

1. Automotive Careers Like Auto Body Estimating Require Excellent Communication

If you enjoy interacting with people and have excellent communication skills, then becoming an auto body estimator could be the right career for you. As an auto body estimator, you’ll be in constant communication – both verbal and written – with customers, auto repair shops and auto insurance companies as you diagnose, assess, and prepare for the necessary repairs. 

Possessing excellent communication skills is a valued asset in many automotive careers out there. Your communication skills will allow you to keep your customers updated on any changes to their car repairs and insurance claim coverage, exchanging information accurately to ensure no delays or misunderstandings occur.

In automotive careers, communication skills are a must as you interact with customers on a daily basis

2. You Pay Close Attention to Detail

Paying close attention to detail is a quality that is needed for any automotive mechanic career, including work as an auto body estimator. By paying close attention to detail, you can conduct a thorough inspection and diagnosis of all the damages sustained to a vehicle, ensuring that nothing is missed when it’s time to file a report. You’ll also be able to provide detailed written reports to document evidence of the damage to a vehicle. Your detailed reports should cover everything you had analyzed and discovered, as well as the estimated cost for repairs. All auto insurance companies will rely on your detailed reports to estimate the amount of repair coverage they will pay out to the customers when it’s time to proceed. 

You’ll have to pay close attention to detail when assessing damages to a vehicle as an auto body estimator

3. You’re Great With Time Management

Time management is one of the most important parts of becoming a successful auto body estimator. You can be an excellent communicator and detail-oriented, but without time management, you won’t be able to deliver an excellent service to your customers and any other parties involved. 

As an auto body estimator, you’ll be inspecting several vehicles throughout the day, and you’ll need to put your time management skills to the test as you organize your work into a manageable schedule, ensuring there are no delays between one appointment and the next. Your time management skills are essential to ensure that all repairs proceed in an efficient manner. Without your timely inspection, the customer, the insurance company and the auto shop will suffer from delays in getting the repairs done.

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