Exploring Auto Mechanic Careers in Montreal? 4 Reasons to Become a Tire Installer

auto mechanic careers in Montreal

Are you completing your auto mechanic training and looking for a great entry level career opportunity within the automotive industry? Becoming a tire installer could be right for you. Tire installers, also known as tire technicians, are professionals who work to ensure the good condition of the tires used in automobiles, trucks, commercial vehicles, and other vehicles on the road. They work to assess the condition of the tires rolling into an auto shop, perform tests on tires, provide roadside tire assistance, dismount and remount tires, and more. If you’re looking for a rewarding and dynamic career within the automotive industry, read on to discover the benefits of becoming a tire installer.

1. Those Who Complete Auto Repair Programs to Become Tire Installers Have a Rewarding Job

If you’re learning how to become a mechanic, you might be surprised by the many rewarding aspects of the job of a tire installer. Tire installers are responsible for catching any and every potential problem with a vehicle’s tires, from uneven tread wear to damage like puncture marks or air pockets. The inspections and tests that tire installers perform ensure that drivers can stay safe on the road, and prevent unnecessary accidents which may result from driving with compromised tires. What’s more, tire installers may work to provide roadside assistance to stranded drivers, helping them to return to the road. As the work that tire installers do keeps drivers safe, it’s no wonder this job is so rewarding.

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Tire installers have a rewarding job helping to keep customers safe on the road

2. Tire Installers Have Many Opportunities for Employment

Another huge benefit to choosing a career as a tire installer? The skills these professionals possess enable them to work in a number of different environments, translating to many different opportunities for employment. Not limited to just repair shops, tire installers may work in rubber manufacturing companies, dealerships, roadside service providing firms, race tracks, tire retailers, and more. Within these different auto industry businesses, tire installers may perform a variety of tasks, including performing tests on tires, recommending and selling tires to clients, and ensuring that tires meet safety standards. As long as there are cars, there will be tires, so if you’re looking for a career with a high degree of job security and a variety of employment opportunities, consider becoming a tire installer.

3. These Professionals Interact with People

As a tire installer, you’ll never be bored. After graduating from auto repair programs, tire installers will enjoy a career in which much of their time is spent communicating with customers. Not only will tire installers speak with customers about the condition of their tires, they’ll also spend time recommending different tires to customers, sharing advice about tire maintenance practices, and selling tires to clients. The opportunity to communicate with customers makes the role of tire installers highly engaging – so if you’re a good people person, this could be a great career path for you!

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Tire installers have the opportunity to work closely with customers

4. Tire Installers Have a Dynamic Role

Tire installers have a wide variety of duties, making their role within the automotive industry an especially dynamic one. In addition to interacting with customers, tire installers will perform a variety of duties around the assessment of the condition of a vehicle’s tires. These duties, which involve a high degree of problem solving and critical thinking skills, include performing experiments to determine the longevity and durability of tires, identifying any necessary repairs, and checking for areas of uneven wear. These professionals also conduct routine maintenance tasks such as tire rotation, tire installation, and tire balancing. As a tire installer, no two days on the job will be alike!

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