Exploring Auto Careers: Collision Estimator

Road accidents happen every day. Collision estimators enjoy a career that allows them to work in collaboration with different parties and use their auto body expertise to help their clients. As long as accidents and car damage occur, we will need collision estimators, which means consistently high demand. Collision estimating is a secure, lucrative field with lots of staying power. Keep reading to learn more about what this career path holds. 

What Do Collision Estimators Do? 

We rely on collision estimators to assess the damage and provide accurate cost estimates for drivers whose vehicles have suffered damage. In addition, these professionals communicate with insurers and repair technicians to ensure that vehicles are serviced in accordance with insurance policies. In many ways, collision estimators act as brokers between their clients, insurance companies, and auto repair technicians. Administrative duties are also important, as collision estimators must keep a careful record of estimates and repairs. 

After auto body training, you will assess the damage, prepare estimates, and communicate with repair technicians.

A wide variety of specialized skills are required for success in this career path, for example, technical auto repair skills Effective collision estimators need to understand repair and restoration processes, know the cost of materials and labour, and have excellent fault identification skills. Certain soft skills will help you thrive as a collision estimator. For example, with excellent interpersonal skills, you will build relationships with repair technicians after auto body repair training. This allows you to offer your clients the best possible deals, keep them satisfied, and enjoy customer loyalty. 

The Benefits of a Collision Estimator Career  

With the right expertise, you can enjoy job stability as a collision estimator. As a collision estimator, you’ll have the opportunity to perform a variety of stimulating tasks that allow you to use your skills to identify problems and strategize to find the best solutions. This career path can also be pretty rewarding, as many of the clients seeking your services will have dealt with a difficult–perhaps traumatizing–situation. You can find satisfaction in knowing that you simplified the process of getting their insurance claims handled and their vehicles. 

After auto body training, you can enjoy an interesting and lucrative career.

How Auto Body Training Will Prepare You to Succeed as a Collision Estimator 

Auto careers in collision estimating require a variety of specialized skills, but the good news is that there’s no need to attend a four-year program to develop the competencies you need. Our thirteen-week collision estimator training program will teach you material damage procedures, damage analysis, estimating principles, basic paint estimating, the use of industry-standard software, and much more. Using interactive media, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to put your new skills into practice. By the end of the program, you will know how to complete a handwritten or computerized damage report for an auto repair shop, insurance company, or fleet and rental outlet. 

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