An Expert’s Guide to Cleaning Door Jambs in an Auto Detailing Course

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Drivers might not clean their car’s door jambs every time they wash it—or even at all—but that’s not to say that this area isn’t deserving of some attention. Door jambs help to keep outside elements from entering the interior of a car. They’re also often liberally caked in grease to help keep doors opening and closing smoothly. Together, all of that makes for a pretty noticeable mess. In addition, drivers and passengers also get a quick peek at door jambs every time they enter or exit the vehicle.

For these reasons, cleaning up door jambs is important for auto detailers. Here are the steps they follow when tackling this task.

Assembling the Tools Needed for this Auto Detailing Job

Before beginning work on door jambs, it’s important to assemble all the tools necessary for the task. Fortunately, not many tools are needed to get this part of a car looking great. All a detailer will need is some all-purpose cleaner, brushes, and a microfiber towel. Often when working on a car, auto detailers will favour brushes with softer bristles, to avoid damaging delicate upholstery or plastic components. However, with door jambs, brushes can have pretty hard bristles. These brushes aren’t very likely to cause scratches or other problems on door jambs. In addition, their tough bristles will help to dislodge dirt and grease that may be caked on.

Clearing Dirt Away from Door Jambs

Once a detailer has all the tools they need to get the job done, it’s time to get started on cleaning up the door jambs. Door jambs can be a bit tricky, since there are many small crevices and hard-to-reach areas. To really get into all those different nooks and crannies, auto detailers will use one or maybe even a couple detailing brushes. When auto detailing door jambs, simply spray all-purpose cleaner and use your detailing brush to dislodge debris. If using multiple brushes, then this step might be repeated more than once to ensure that all dirt and grime has been properly removed.

Rinsing Door Jambs

Once the dirt lodged in the door jamb has been loosened up, it’s time to rinse it away. For this part of the job, a hose or pressure washer can be a great option. However, working with a pressure washer can be a bit tricky. Graduates of an auto detailing course don’t want to accidentally get water all over the interior of a vehicle! For those who feel nervous about using a pressure washer, or for auto detailers with fewer machines in their shop, a small spray bottle with water can also rinse door jambs. Simply spray the area thoroughly and then wipe away any moisture with a microfiber towel. It’s important to make sure that the area is properly dried, so that no rust forms there later.

Giving Door Jambs an Added Shine

While cleaning door jambs is seen by many as a step above a regular clean, auto detailers know that there are still a few added touches that can make all the difference. Once the door jamb has been properly cleaned, rinsed, and dried, auto detailers can also add a final coating of spray-on wax or other product to give door jambs a truly spectacular shine. This added coating can also offer a little added protection against the elements—making it a good idea from a practical point of view as well.

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