Exciting Careers in Parts and Warehousing

If you’re looking into automotive careers, the world of the parts and warehouse industry is much more sprawling and exciting than you might think. It doesn’t just mean you’ll be working in a warehouse, shuffling parts around. You could be doing anything from the standard warehousing to being in control of the entire inventory for an auto company, or even getting your hands dirty as an automotive service technician, or starting your own custom or speciality shop! With the right knowledge and know-how, a career in parts and warehousing could be anything you want it to be.

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Students will gain the skills for employment in the parts and warehousing industries as a parts person, auto mechanic, entrepreneur or anything in between. With a focus on hands-on experience and real-world skills, the training you’ll receive in the parts and warehousing field is not just theoretical. You’ll be right in the thick of it, learning the applied skills you’ll need to develop your career in a real, tangible way, not just learning about them through a beat-up old textbook. You’ll be thrown into the folds, getting down and dirty with parts and inventory and gaining an intimate, physical knowledge of how they work, and how it all fits together.

Love to see how things fit together and do what they do? Well, the knowledge you will gain in parts and warehousing will prepare you for handling computer software, and will help you get familiar with several forms of analysis that will help you dissect those parts and see just how everything comes together. That puts you in a perfect position to become a hot-shot, know-it-all parts technician!

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If you’re more of a mechanically inclined person, you can take the skills you learn the program and apply them to a career as a mechanic, a service person or even use all that knowledge to open your own dealership!

Maybe you’re more of a people person. Do you like to talk shop, argue about what the best part to get the job done is? Well, the knowledge you gain can land you in a career as a parts specialist – giving people advice on what they need to get that car purring again or even just make it look a bit classier.

If you’re more of a financially or bureaucratically inclined person, no sweat! We give you the skills you need to be knowledgeable in ordering parts, billing companies and processing payments. So, if you prefer to stay behind the scenes and make sure everything’s well-oiled and running in the company instead of the machines, that’s no problem!

If life on the open road is more your speed, you can even specialize in the transportation and delivery of parts, ensuring companies get their shipments on time.

So, all in all, the notion that a career in parts and warehousing will just have you stuck in a dingy warehouse, shifting boxes around couldn’t be more from the truth. Whether it’s trying to beat that deadline and get that muffler there on time or talking shop about a new V6, there’s no limit to what’s possible with the right skills.

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