A Look at the Exciting New BMW Alpina B7 for Students in Auto Mechanic Courses

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Amid all of the latest news and events at this year’s Canadian International AutoShow, one of the most exciting announcements was the arrival of the new 2020 Alpina-BMW B7.

Through their long-running partnership with fellow German manufacturer Alpina, BWM has released a new B7. It offers the latest in luxury design and high-end handling, with a specific focus on streamlining performance through form, function, and more than a little horsepower. If you’re interested in finding out what the newest B7 model has to offer auto enthusiasts and mechanics alike, read on to find out more.

The 2020 B7 Is the Latest Model to Come from the Alpina-BMW Partnership

The 2020 B7 is the latest to come from the partnership, and—after its expected launch in autumn of 2019—will be the third generation of the high-performance sedan to be offered in Canada. Why, however, does one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world go to a small family-run business to help re-engineer its cars?

Alpina is a boutique manufacturer which creates exclusive enhanced performance cars in a partnership with BMW dating back to the 1960s. Essentially, BMW shares the models it wants to enhance with Alpina, which then optimizes different engine and transmission configurations under the hood, and adds a more luxurious feeling to the car interior with additions such as high-grade leather.

This partnership is similar to AMG, which was once an independent engineering firm that focused on designing improved performance cars for Mercedes-Benz. The main difference, however, is that while AMG eventually merged with Mercedes, Alpina still operates separately, in an independent collaboration with BMW.

Students in Auto Mechanic Courses Know the B7 Is Not Your Typical BMW

Although it may look quite a lot like a standard BMW, there’s definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to the 2020 Alpina B7. From head to toe (or, more accurately, wheels to engine), the B7’s upgraded features and components aim to balance ride comfort with high performance in a way that would make any student in auto mechanic courses green with envy.

Emphasizing harmony between form and function means that more aerodynamic features were brought to the forefront, reducing uplift to nearly zero and further optimizing the air flow and cooling system. These design changes even extend to the classic BMW kidney grille, which integrates air flap controls that help reduce aerodynamic drag.

Taking a Peek Under the Hood of the 2020 BMW-Alpina B7

If you’re interested in an auto mechanic training program, you might be more than a little eager to learn about what’s under the hood of the B7.

Beneath the hood of the BMW-Alpina B7 sits a twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 engine that is capable of outputting 600 horsepower. This takes the 2020 B7 from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds (although some are claiming they can do it in 3.3), with a top speed just a little over 325 km/h. The car also has xDrive all-wheel drive and an upgraded eight-speed transmission, in addition to larger brake discs and a stainless steel Alpina exhaust system— which is particularly noteworthy due to its active valves which can be adjusted between Comfort and Sport mode. The final flourishes on the exhaust system are the twin tailpipes, which have been aesthetically integrated into the rear bumper.

These new and improved features, combined with air suspension and an adjustable ride height—not to mention Alpina’s Classic wheels—makes for an utterly smooth ride.

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