3 Best Practices for Selling EVs after Auto Sales Training

You’ve aced your auto sales training and are ready to hit the floor. Having decided that Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the way to go, you’re opting to specialize in the sales of EVs. Smart decision. Remember that selling EVs is a lot different than selling traditional ICE vehicles. 

Despite the hype around EVs, quite a few people remain unaware of the EV technology, while others remain distrustful. Also, despite the offers of rebates and incentives, EV prices remain high. This places them out of reach for several customers and might make it more challenging to convince others who can afford them to take the plunge. 

Knowing that the only way to keep the lights on in your dealership is to guarantee profits through the sales of EVs, how do you become a successful EV salesperson?  Don’t worry; this guide will equip you with three best practices for becoming an EV sales pro.

1. Become an EV Enthusiast (Not Just a Salesperson) After Auto Sales Training 

Going through the motions won’t cut it. EVs offer a fundamentally different driving experience, and genuine enthusiasm is contagious. Here are three reasons to get excited:

  • Deepen Your Knowledge: Go beyond basic specs. Understand how electric motors work, charging options (levels, home vs. public), and battery range anxiety: research government incentives and tax breaks for EVs in your region. 
  • Embrace the Test Drive: EVs are a revelation to drive. Take every opportunity for a test drive, highlighting the smooth acceleration, instant torque, and quiet cabin. 
  • Stay Up-to-Date: The EV landscape is constantly evolving. Subscribe to industry publications and attend EV-focused auto sales training to stay ahead of the curve. 

Becoming an EV enthusiast translates to genuine conversation during sales interactions. You’ll be able to answer customer questions confidently and address concerns with authority.

An EV salesman showing a female customer how to charge an EV after completing his auto sales training
Becoming an EV enthusiast after auto sales training aids in career success.

2. Tailor Your Sales Approach to EV Considerations

While core sales principles remain, selling EVs requires a nuanced approach. Here’s how to adapt your strategy:

  • Focus on Benefits, Not Just Features: Don’t stop at horsepower and range. Highlight the benefits of EVs – lower running costs, environmental responsibility, and a more enjoyable driving experience. 
  • Address Range Anxiety: This is a major concern for many potential buyers. Be prepared to discuss charging options, including public charging networks and home charging solutions.  Use real-world examples and emphasize the growing availability of charging infrastructure. 
  • Understand Charging Needs: Not all customers have access to home charging. Educate yourself on public charging options and apps that help locate charging stations. Highlight the convenience of fast charging for longer trips.

Remember, EVs are a new technology for many. Patience and clear communication are key to building trust and overcoming concerns.

3. Leverage Technology and Data to Showcase EV Advantages

Modern EVs are packed with technology. Leverage these features to showcase the car’s benefits:

  • Highlight Connectivity: Modern EVs boast advanced infotainment systems and seamless smartphone integration. Demonstrate navigation apps, voice commands, and charging station locators. 
  • Data is Your Friend: As our auto sales courses emphasize, EVs track energy consumption and charging history. Use this data to show customers the car’s efficiency and dispel range anxiety concerns. 
  • Embrace Virtual Reality (VR): Some dealerships use VR technology to allow customers to experience different EV models virtually. This immersive experience can be a powerful tool to showcase features and generate excitement.

You can create a more engaging and informative sales experience for potential EV buyers by leveraging technology.

An EV salesman interacting with a couple of car buyers after completing his auto sales training
Leverage your auto sales training to adapt your EV sales strategy.

4. Bonus Tip: Network with Early Adopters

Connect with existing EV owners in your community. They are passionate advocates for technology and can provide valuable insights that you can pass on to potential buyers. Offer to host EV owner events where people can test drive vehicles and ask questions in a relaxed setting.

By following these best practices, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a top EV salesperson.  Remember, enthusiasm, a tailored approach, and leveraging technology will help you confidently navigate the exciting world of electric vehicles. As the EV market continues to grow, being an EV sales expert will position you for success in the future of automotive sales.

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