Essential Tools You’ll Use During and After Professional Auto Detailing Training

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When it comes to preparing for a career as a professional detailer, hands-on experience is essential. Working on different cars will help you learn the tricks of the trade, and allow you to step into your future career with confidence.

During your training, you will gain hands-on experience using professional grade auto detailing tools to build your skills and prepare for the workforce. In fact, at Automotive Training Centres (ATC), 85 per cent of the course is taught right in the shop! Here is a list of the most important tools detailers use.

A High-Pressure Hose Can Bring Your Detailing to the Next Level

Both during your automotive detailing course and after graduation, washing away loose dirt and grime will be an important first step when detailing a car. Thoroughly washing a vehicle gives you a smooth canvas for the rest of your work, and can help make sure that loose dirt doesn’t accidentally scratch the paint as you continue working on the car. A top-quality high-pressure hose can help you blast away any dirt or other substances clinging to the body of the vehicle, and especially the chassis.

Have a Paint Chip Repair Kit Ready When Detailing Cars

A vehicle’s paint job can have one of the biggest impacts on appearance. Small scratches and scrapes may go unnoticed one at a time, but as they accumulate they can leave a vehicle looking tired, worn, and ultimately less valuable. Keeping a paint chip repair kit on hand with small touch-up brushes, a variety of paint samples, and pre-coat cleaner will allow you to touch up any imperfections and get cars looking spotless again.

Grads of an Automotive Detailing Course Know to Use Microfiber Cloths

Having the best tools by your side will allow you to effectively apply the techniques you’ve learned in auto detailing training. And, as any aspiring auto detailer will know, microfiber cloths are a must. These cloths are very absorbent, making any cleaning job easier. In addition, microfiber cloths are made of gentle materials that will not scratch or damage the paint coat of the vehicle you are working on.

professional auto detailing training
Microfiber cloths keep your detailing work effective and paint-friendly

Specialized Brushes Make Intricate Auto Detailing a Breeze

Keeping a wide range of brushes on hand will also make it easier for you to apply the skills you learned in your professional auto detailing training. While brushes of all sizes will make your work easier, a few specialized brushes can make a big difference. Make sure your toolkit includes small brushes for scrubbing intricate fixtures, as well as flexible soft bristle brushes for cleaning hard-to-reach corners and wheel crevices.

An Ozone Generator Makes for a Complete Detailing Inside and Out

Sprucing up the inside of a vehicle can be challenging, especially when there are unpleasant smells, like cigarette smoke, that won’t dissipate. Fortunately, an ozone generator can help remove tough odours from a vehicle, leaving the interior in as good a shape as the exterior. For this reason, this handy machine can be one of the most essential tools auto detailers use when working on tough-to-clean cars.

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