Why Enrolling in Mechanic School in Vancouver Is a Great Option for Adults Looking for a New Career

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A recent report released by Workopolis revealed that Canadians will typically have about 15 different jobs over the course of their working lives. On top of that, according to another survey by the University of Phoenix School of Business, of professional individuals in their 30s, 73 per cent report wanting to make a career change. These statistics demonstrate that the feeling of wanting to make a mid-life career switch is all too common. In fact, many individuals who have worked in their current career or field for some time are craving a change of pace.

If you find yourself wondering if it’s time to make the change to a more exciting career, enrolling in mechanic training could be the answer! Read on to learn why mechanic training is an excellent option for adults looking for a career change.

Combine Work and Passion with Careers in the Auto Industry

Are you stuck working a job that no longer makes you happy? Careers in the auto industry allow individuals like you to combine their passion for cars with a great job. While working as a mechanic, every single day is different. You never know what kind of car is going to roll through the doors of your repair shop—and in what condition it’ll be. This makes the career extremely exciting. If you’re looking to spice things up and feel excited about going to work again, mechanic training could be the answer.

Mechanic School in Vancouver Offers Efficient Training

Making a career switch and enrolling in university midway through your life can be a financial challenge. However, enrolling in a mechanic school in Vancouver is a great alternative to taking an expensive four-year degree. Mechanic programs are quick and efficient; over the course of several years you’ll learn all there is to know about repairing vehicles. After receiving professional hands-on training from instructors who’ve worked in the industry for years, you’ll be ready to start a rewarding career in the industry that interests you.

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Mechanic training is an affordable, faster alternative to a university degree

Careers in the Auto Industry Lead to Opportunities for Entrepreneurship

If you’ve always wanted to be your own boss or run your own business, or if you already have an entrepreneurial spirit, a mechanic career could be your calling! There are plenty of opportunities for mechanics to start their own business after automotive training. Whether you want to open your own shop, start a mobile mechanic business, or pursue another auto-related business venture, you will have the practical skills needed to provide top-notch service to your clients. Becoming a mechanic is the perfect opportunity to take control of your professional life and make it what you have always wanted it to be!

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Open your own business after mechanic training

Careers in the Auto Industry Offer Great Job Security

When switching careers as a mature adult, there are usually many more factors to consider. Family, financial obligations, and the time investment required for training are all examples of things that may make it seem difficult to start over. But if you’re considering making the change to a career as a mechanic, you can sleep easier knowing that you’ll benefit from excellent job security. According to WorkBC, 5,440 new job openings for auto mechanics will become available from 2015 to 2025. In addition, automotive technicians benefit from a healthy median salary of $56,895.

Careers in the Auto Industry Offer Flexible Hours

With the extra responsibilities many adults have, a career with flexibility is important. In British Columbia, 63 per cent of auto technicians work full-time. This means that while there are plenty of opportunities for full-time employment, there is also potential to work part-time. This flexibility will make it much easier for you to juggle your busy life schedule and prior commitments while working a job you love.

There’s never been a better time to consider auto trades training BC!

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