Enrolled in Auto Mechanic School? 3 Reasons to Consider a Career as a Diagnostician

If you’re looking for a successful and fulfilling career within the automotive industry, then becoming a diagnostician is the way to go! Wherever you look, there are cars on the road and when there are cars, there’s a need for a diagnostic mechanic to service and repair all sorts of vehicles that break down or get into unfortunate accidents. 

At the Automotive Training Centre in Montreal, you’ll receive hands-on experience in inspecting, testing, diagnosing and repairing any faulty parts of a vehicle. This will prepare you to enter a diagnostician career with confidence. Below, learn why you should consider a career as a diagnostician!

1. Become a Specialist in Handling Tools After Auto Mechanic School

With proper training in the field of auto mechanics, you’ll be given the responsibility to handle special tools that will help you assess and diagnose vehicle damage. If you enjoy working with tools and get excited when a new piece of equipment is on the market, then becoming a diagnostician is the right path for you. You’ll work with specialist tools and certain software to detect, diagnose and repair vehicle systems, including fuel, brake, steering and suspension systems, drive axles and shafts, exhaust systems and more after training at auto mechanic school. Getting your hands dirty while learning to diagnose and repair various types of vehicles will make you a wiz around an auto shop or any other place your handy work is required.

After auto mechanic school, you’ll be a specialist in handling tools and working with software to diagnose vehicles

2. Bring Your Leadership to the Fore 

Becoming a diagnostician is a chance to take on the role of a leader. Your knowledge and experience in the field will allow you to assume responsibility around the auto shop, as you provide technical support and guidance to staff as they work to get customers’ cars in top-notch condition. At ATC Montreal, you’ll learn how to become a mechanic and set yourself apart as an expert in the field. You’ll be prepared to work with other auto mechanics as you direct them on the issues you uncover, manage vehicle inspections after the work is complete, and test that the vehicle’s performance meets required standards. Your leadership skills will require you to actively listen to both your colleagues and customers to understand their concerns and resolve any problems that arise.

As a diagnostician, you’ll showcase your leadership role as you offer support to your colleagues around the auto shop

3. Stability and High Earning Potential

Being a diagnostician gives you job stability. At every corner of every city, you’ll find the streets buzzing with cars. This gives you an idea of how valuable a job as an automotive diagnostician can be, as your services will always be in demand. 

Once you complete your automotive training, you’ll be able to land an entry-level position starting at an average salary of $40,007 per year. With more experience in the field and advancement opportunities, you’ll be able to earn a higher salary. The average salary in Canada for experienced diagnosticians stands at $64,909 per year. 

At the Automotive Training Centre in Montreal, you’ll get the support you need to launch your career as a diagnostician. We pride ourselves on graduating professional auto mechanics that can offer quality services wherever they’re needed. 

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