Electrification: What Students in Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training Need to Know 

Five years ago, electric vehicles accounted for just 1 in 100 new cars sold. Just last year, they accounted for 1 in 20 new cars sold, with pressure for even greater sales under new federal targets. In addition to purchasing and leasing incentives, Canadians are concerned about the health of the planet and are using their buying decisions to create change. If you’re considering an automotive career, particularly if you want to specialize in hybrid and electric vehicles, you’ll want to be aware of the way electrification will affect your industry in the future and how you can make sure you have the right training to keep your skills up to date. Read on for a quick guide!

What Is Electrification? 

Electrification is the process of replacing technologies that are powered by fossil fuels (natural gas, coal, oil) with technologies that are powered by electricity. The use of fossil fuels releases large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide traps heat in the atmosphere, aiding global warming. Rising sea levels, the possibility of losing some coastal land, more natural disasters, and threats to biodiversity are just a few distressing effects of global warming as the result of fossil fuel emissions. Climate experts believe that electrification is a key way to stop–and hopefully reverse–the effects of climate change. 

After hybrid and electrical mechanic training, you can be part of the change our planet needs while earning a competitive salary for your specialized skills. Electrification is hitting the automotive industry hard, and because of this, we’re seeing many exciting developments take place. 

Electrification will affect the future of the automotive industry, so keep up with it!

How Electrification Is Changing the Automotive Industry

Though hybrid and electric vehicles are not yet completely mainstream, consumer demands are pushing manufacturers and policymakers in the right direction; many experts predict that by 2050, most of us will be sporting eco-friendly vehicles. 

In addition to price, the main concern drivers have about hybrid and electric vehicles is accessibility. The everyday driver wants convenience through readily available, speedy charging. Both local governments and automakers are following suit by setting up numerous EV chargers in convenient locations and creating vehicles that take as little as half an hour to power up! 

Electrification is quickly transforming the automotive industry right in front of our eyes. Your career as a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic will allow you to take advantage of this growing demand for electric automotive services.

As a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic, you’ll get to work on exciting new technologies.

Large Corporations Like Amazon Are Already Making the Switch 

This July, after three years in the making, Amazon announced that hundreds of custom electric delivery vehicles are finally on the road. Tesla isn’t the only company taking the hybrid and electric vehicle market by storm. Amazon invested millions with the goal of having 100,000 Rivian vans driving across America by 2030. Big moves like this by major corporations like Amazon are evidence that the automotive industry is changing for the better. With our support through Hybrid Technology Training, you can pursue a profitable and rewarding career in a field of the future. 

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