Electric Revolution: Why Grads of Dispatcher Training Should Be Excited for Thor Trucks’ ET-One

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In the world of commercial EV trucks, Tesla and Daimler are kings, but a new start-up company from California called Thor Trucks is slowly rising to prominence. Its soon-to-be-released debut truck, the ET-One, promises reliability. It looks pretty impressive too, but aesthetics aren’t the only selling point behind this new truck. Most importantly, its design allows for a decent all-electric range that makes it suitable for local and regional deliveries.

Want to learn more about the ET-One’s capabilities? Read on to find out!

Thor Trucks’ ET-One Has Some Pretty Decent Power and Torque

Thor Trucks’ ET-One has some pretty decent specs that trucking companies might not expect to come from a start-up company. Under the hood of the ET-One is a powerful modular battery pack made up of lithium-ion cylindrical cells, which can deal with power to the tune of 400 to 800 kWh.

Thor Trucks promises powertrain options ranging from 300-700hp. In addition, the ET-One can travel 482 km per charge and can achieve instant torque, estimated at 4,700 lb ft, from a complete standstill.
The ET-One was designed for a full Class 8 truckload of 36,287 kg. With these not-too shabby specs behind it, the ET-One could be a truck that graduates of dispatcher training see more of in the future.

Thor Trucks Is Partnering With Other Manufacturers to Ensure Reliability

What makes Thor Trucks’ ET-One so different from other EV Trucks on their way to market in 2019? Part of it comes down to the parts being used. Thor Trucks plans to collaborate with other manufacturing companies and suppliers to help create its EV trucks. While that might seem strange to some, using parts created by other established companies could help Thor Trucks ensure reliable technology is being used.

In fact, some trucking and delivery companies might feel uncomfortable about using trucks with parts that were designed by a brand new start-up. By opting to partner with other companies that have established reputations, Thor Trucks is hoping to assuage any fears about reliability.

Grads of Dispatch School May Appreciate That the ET-One Cuts Fuel Costs

Grads of dispatch school know how important lowering fuel costs is to trucking companies. It’s why news about EV trucks is being followed closely by many in the industry. Changing fleets to run on electricity alone could be a godsend, as these trucks would allow local companies to avoid substantial operation costs.

Dispatchers will be thrilled to know that Thor Trucks ET-One is projected to save trucking and delivery companies up to 70 per cent in fuel costs per mile, as well as 60 per cent in overall maintenance. Lower maintenance costs also mean more uptime, which can help make operations even more efficient. Although it will take up to 90 minutes for the ET-One to charge, which is longer than Tesla’s Semi which clocks in at 30 minutes, Thor Trucks is optimistic about future prospects. In fact, it’s already working on another truck that could travel even further, at 805 km on a single charge.

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