Don’t Mess With the RAM Texas Ranger Concept Pickup

Students training to become a mechanic have probably already heard of novelty vehicles from big names like Rolls-Royce, usually aimed at international car markets. However, it’s not every day that an auto manufacturer will release a novelty vehicle for the folks right at home in North America. Debuting at the Dallas Auto Show, RAM’s new Texas Ranger concept pickup was created to commemorate RAM’s partnership with the historic law enforcement agency. While the pickup is only a concept at this time, enough demand from Texan auto buyers could make the Texas Ranger into a limited-edition vehicle. Considering that Texans buy the most pickup trucks in all of America, this shouldn’t be difficult.

Check out what this concept brings to the table:

The Texas Ranger “Look”

Texas Rangers are known for their stark white hats and their gleaming silver badges. To honour this look, automotive painting professionals at RAM decided on a sleek white colour for the exterior, with silver trim accents. The five peso Mexican coin—known as the inspiration for the design of the Texas Ranger badge—makes an appearance on this truck as well: two on the fender, another two on the tailgate and two on each hub cap. There’s certainly no mistaking that this truck belongs in Texas.

The base model for this new design is the RAM 1500—one of the most popular RAM trucks and winner of U.S. News’ “Best Full Size Truck for the Money” award. The truck also boasts advanced towing capability, a V6 engine, and 305 horsepower.

Kitsched-out Interior

While the exterior keeps it relatively tame, RAM went all out making the interior a true representation of the Texas Ranger persona. The memorable Texas Ranger star badge is embroidered onto the back of every seat, and on the center storage compartment. Tan leather covers the seats, dash and the steering wheel, while five peso coins mark every door. The doors are also accented by a walnut wood trim—a tree native to Texas. Making sure to install some top-notch technology in there as well, RAM has included an 8.4 inch infotainment system.

Get an inside look at the making of the RAM Texas Ranger here:

The Vault of RAM Concept Trucks

Anyone working in an auto career that knows RAM, knows that this is a company that like to have a little fun with their concept vehicles. Some notable names include the RAMpage, the Rumble Bee and the Man of Steel.

The RAMpage was a concept truck from 2006, which was designed to entice non-traditional truck buyers. This model featured additions such as Stow ‘n Go fold down seating, front-wheel drive, and a 5.7 L Hemi engine—the same used in a Dodge Charger.

The Urban RAM was another fully-functional truck that was designed not for novelty, but for truck buyers living in urban spaces. This concept was, like the Texas Ranger, based off the popular RAM 1500 model, with sports performance additions. Twenty-two inch wheels, a 470 horsepower engine and dual exhaust are some of the highlights of this impressive truck.

To promote the new Superman: Man of Steel film back in 2013, Ram unveiled a moody-looking truck with a dark grey exterior and red accents, mimicking the “steel” aspect of the title. In place of the traditional RAM logo is the Superman “S”, while on the interior, mesh seats mimic Superman’s costume and Superman logos are stenciled onto the leather trimmings.

Which RAM concept is your favourite?

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