How Dispatcher Training Can Prepare You for a New High-Tech Career in the Transport Industry

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The world of transportation is very different from what it was even 15 years ago. The progress and innovation of modern technology has opened up the door to new possibilities, opportunities, and resources to make transportation run smoother and more efficiently than ever before.

The road ahead is promising for transportation, but it needs the right workers with the right skills to go the distance. If you’re interested in a career in dispatching and want to learn more about how the right program can help you feel ready for this tech-heavy field, read on to learn more.

The Right Instructors Can Help You Jumpstart a Career in Dispatch and Transportation

With technology making vast amounts of progress within the last two decades, starting a new career might seem intimidating. Fortunately, caring and attentive instructors can help students in dispatcher courses feel at ease when preparing for this career path.

“At first I was hesitant,” says Chad Williams, a graduate of the ATC Dispatching and Transportation Operations program. “I had no experience in this industry. Being out of school for 20 years, I wasn’t sure of what to expect from adult learning.” Fortunately, Chad soon felt those worries dissipate. He notes that, “The professional staff at ATC was very helpful to me, and understood…what my goals were, and helped me to achieve them.”

Students in Dispatcher Training Learn from a Legacy of Experience

A school that has been around long enough to understand both how the industry works and how their training can prepare students for a long-lasting career within it makes all the difference. ATC, for example, has 25 years of experience teaching students.

Employers are looking for professionals who know how to use cutting-edge technology in order to handle drivers and fleet management. The right automotive school can help teach you the current and competitive skills sought after by employers. This can help you gain a foothold in the industry, and deepen your experience with the technology you’ll be expected to use throughout your dispatch career.

ATC helps prepare students for the realities of a career in dispatching
ATC helps prepare students for the realities of a career in dispatching

Get a Competitive Edge with Career Placement Opportunities

One important benefit of dispatcher training is that it gives you the knowledge you need to get ahead, as well as additional opportunities you can use to start your career. In many cases, these might be opportunities that you may not otherwise have had access to.

“In the end it paid off,” remembers David R. Lennox, another alumnus of the ATC dispatcher program. “With 19 weeks in class, 4 weeks out in practicum…the staff encouraged us to stick with it…and would take the time to talk with us even though we were all very busy.”

ATC is dedicated to preparing students for success in dispatching. That dedication extends to our career placement assistance, which helps you launch your career and put your new technical and technological skills to work after you graduate.

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