Considering Dispatcher Training? B.C.’s Trucking Industry Is on the Rise!

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Deciding on your future career path or making a career change is a tough decision. Working conditions, pay, educational requirements, and industry outlook are all important factors to consider when deciding what your future career should be. If you’ve considered becoming a dispatcher before, now is the perfect time to seriously consider enrolling in a dispatching training program.

British Columbia’s trucking industry is booming, creating more career opportunities for truck drivers and, as a result, professional dispatchers. Leading trucking companies are looking for qualified dispatchers to fill open positions.

If you’re considering a dispatching career, read on to learn more about B.C.’s booming trucking industry and what it means for aspiring dispatchers.

Students Considering Dispatcher Training: the Trucking Industry Is Booming

Many industries in British Columbia are thriving, including the trucking and transportation industry. At the BC Trucking Association’s Annual General Meeting in 2017, experts shared their thoughts on the state of the trucking industry, and what professionals working in the field can expect to see over the coming years. According to these experts, the future looks bright. From 2011 to 2016, truck transport in the province increased an average of 5.1 per cent each year. And in 2016, the sector saw a staggering 7.1 per cent growth rate, which is quite impressive considering it dramatically outpaced the province’s overall GDP growth of 3.4 per cent for that same year.

Factors Contributing to the Growth of B.C.’s Trucking Industry

There are several reasons for the substantial growth the industry has benefitted from over the past five years and the expected rise that’s still yet to come. The growth is partially due to the USA’s growing economy, which has experienced 82 months of continuous expansion. Canada exports many goods and products to the USA, and since it’s just over the border, trucks are one of the ideal ways to transport exports.

In addition to the USA’s economic growth, the province of Alberta is expected to begin recovering after its economy was halted by the oil crash. As Alberta’s economy stabilizes, exports from B.C. to Alberta are expected to increase, contributing to the industry’s expected growth.

How B.C.’s Rising Trucking Industry Will Create Careers for Students in Dispatcher Training

What does growth in the trucking industry mean for students in dispatcher training? As the trucking industry expands, more truck drivers will need to be hired to deliver loads, and thus, more dispatchers will be needed to direct and schedule where those loads are going.

According to WorkBC statistics, the employment outlook for professionals with dispatching careers is looking bright in B.C. By 2025, unemployment in the field will drop to a low of 5.2 per cent. As far as job openings go, WorkBC expects 1,320 new openings to become available between 2015 and 2025, 75 per cent coming from replacement and 25 per cent from industry expansion.

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WorkBC predicts 1,320 new job openings for dispatchers by 2025

With the recent and predicted growth of the trucking industry, there’s never been a better time to enroll in a dispatch course in Surrey. While taking a dispatching program, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of transportation operations and how the industry functions. Upon graduation, you’ll have the important skills you need to succeed in a variety of dispatching careers, and the competitive edge needed to get hired in an already promising sector.

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