Considering Dispatcher Schools? 5 Reasons to Pursue a Career as a Log Book Auditor

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A career in the transportation industry is highly sought after as it’s one of the largest industries in Canada, according to Statistics Canada. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of programs that will quickly launch you into the field with the skills and experience needed to succeed. If you’re considering dispatch training, you can be prepared to have a number of career options upon completion of your program. 

A great choice for students trained in transportation operations and dispatching is a career as a log book auditor. Log book auditing is a fast growing option due to the increasing need for designated employees in this position for large fleets.

Read on to learn more about the top five reasons to pursue this career path.

1. Play an Integral Role in the Safety of Drivers

Log book auditors work closely with dispatchers in order to maintain the safety of the drivers by auditing their driving time and ensuring they abide by the specific regulations in place. In this role, you will be working behind the scenes preparing spreadsheets and providing online documentation of the driving records. But you’ll also have the rewarding role of directly benefiting the drivers on the road through your careful consideration of their working hours, fatigue monitoring, form and manner guidance, and falsification review. 

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Accurate log book auditing ensures the long term safety of the transportation drivers.

2. Find Stability in Your Career as a Log Book Auditor

Top class dispatcher schools will have you participate in the necessary hands-on experience required to succeed in a position as a log book auditor. Gone are the days of paper logs, where tasks easily fell through the cracks and violations were missed. As online logging becomes the mainstream system, more and more carriers are requiring skilled individuals to fill these log book auditing roles. This is a role that every carrier will need for years to come, and will prove to be a stable career path.

3. Save Your Company From Excessive Violations

Drivers in the transportation industry are being recruited faster than ever. With the constant need for more drivers, logging and log book auditing is essential for successful operations. New drivers need to be trained properly and checked up on in order to make sure they are in compliance with all regulations. If they aren’t, they’ll quickly rack up violations resulting in fines to the company. Luckily, a diligent log book auditor can catch these violations from the start and prevent any future offenses. 

4. Use the Foundation From Dispatch Schools to Set You Up for Ongoing Education and Skill Development

Dispatch schools prepare students to enter the multifaceted transportation industry with many options for careers. As a highly regarded dispatch training centre sets you up for a career in log book auditing, you’ll also have the skills to pursue ongoing education and skill development on the job. Many transportation companies are persistent in encouraging their employees to advance their skills, complete specialized training, and gain additional expertise. This opportunity will allow you to stay motivated throughout your time as a log book auditor with consistent growth and career progression.

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Heading into a career in log book auditing will allow future opportunities for growth and career development.

5. Help Uphold Industry Standards and Best Practices 

It is federal law to enforce the maintenance of driver logs, whether the logs are for safety checks, driving time, or distance traveled. Log book auditors help create and uphold industry standards to foster an environment focused on safety, accuracy, and success. As a log book auditor, you will directly contribute to these values in the transportation industry and help to create a more compliant and consistent working environment for all. 

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