Dispatcher Careers in Canada

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Do you love the feeling of coordinating a smoothly running business? Do you feel comfortable calling the shots and making quick decisions? Can you articulate instructions and explain situations in a clear and concise manner? If you’ve got the knack for planning, coordination and quick-thinking, then dispatcher training might be right up your alley. Careers in dispatching are vast and varied.

Of all automotive careers, a dispatcher serves as, arguably, the most integral part of companies that have vehicle fleets. Companies in business such as trucking, taxi services and even railroads all need dispatchers. Dispatchers are responsible for receiving and transmitting important messages. They are also responsible for ensuring that the right equipment, drivers and loads are matched to ensure the timely and safe delivery of freight. This means that dispatchers must be extremely thorough, methodical and pay close attention to everything. A dispatcher’s duty is to relay a message as clearly and accurately as possible, in a reasonable amount of time. A dispatcher’s job is essentially that of directing the entire fleet of vehicles, whether sharing important information throughout the fleet or giving instructions on where units should be going.

By attending a dispatch school, you will learn the entire gamut of what you need to know to be successful in various niches of dispatching. With additional training, you could become a train dispatcher. An intricate task, being a rail traffic controller (RTC) and dispatching trains involves having an intimate knowledge of which trains are assigned to which territories, where they’re heading, if they’re on time, and more. Train dispatching requires an extremely intricate knowledge of the areas in which the trains travel. Requiring quick-thinking and snap judgements, railroad dispatchers have to consult timetables and train orders and find a way to move trains safely through territories with minimal delay, ensuring no hold-ups.

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Dispatching is an essential part of many diverse companies and government agencies, and one that requires an extreme amount of dedication and finesse.  An increasingly safe bet in the world of auto careers, dispatching is an exceptionally rewarding career.

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