Taking Dispatch Courses? Here are the Top 3 Routing Programs of 2016

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Dispatchers are responsible for handling a wide range of tasks. They organize routes, communicate with truck drivers and customers, and they keep an eye on cargo once it’s on the road. That’s why having access to good routing software can make all the difference for any dispatch professional.

Routing software is designed to give dispatchers access to all kinds of tools and features. This way, they can perform tasks like re-routing, preparing customer invoices, and tracking cargo more efficiently than ever before.

If you’re planning to pursue a transportation dispatch career, read on for a guide to some of 2016’s best routing and dispatch software programs.

1. High Point GPS: Direct Data Transmission for Drivers & Grads of Dispatch Schools

High Point GPS software works with tracking devices installed in trucks to provide real-time location updates. Since High Point GPS is web-based, it also works with mobile devices and this adds another level of convenience for both dispatchers and drivers.

Deliveries are much faster when new routes can be sent right to a driver's device
Deliveries are much faster when new routes can be sent right to a driver’s device

In your dispatcher courses, you’ll learn that when drivers are on a long trip, there are circumstances like road construction, weather and accidents ahead that could potentially impact the trip. In cases like these, you’ll need to quickly find another route to a customer. High Point GPS not only does that for you, but it also lets you send routes directly to a driver’s mobile or GPS device—saving you valuable time and allowing drivers to continue on their course.

2. ITS Dispatch: Making Customer Transactions Easy for Grads of Dispatch Schools

The Canadian-made ITS Dispatch program is designed for companies with fleets of all sizes. On top of its built-in dispatch functions, ITS Dispatch is also able to track truck mileage and notify you when any vehicles in the fleet require maintenance.

One thing that sets this software apart is that it lets you set up detailed customer profiles. These detailed profiles include contact information as well as several routes to a customer’s location. The program also lets you keep track of historical transactions and send estimates or invoices with one click, making it a top choice for grads starting their dispatch careers.

3. Navistream: An All-Inclusive Software Dashboard for Grads of Dispatcher Schools

This comprehensive software has all of the important tracking, routing, and fleet maintenance functions that professionals need after graduating from dispatch schools as well as a few additional perks. For example, it allows dispatchers to send full reports to customers. These full reports include key information like loading and unloading time, delays and fuel usage, so customers know exactly what they’re paying for when they get a delivery.

Navistream even features a digital logbook where drivers can clock their hours of service—this will help you take care of paperwork quickly during your dispatcher career.

Communication with drivers is also made easy with Navistream’s messaging function. The software also communicates with vehicles to measure driver performance patterns, such as hard braking or excessive speeds, documenting it in real-time to make sure that trucks remain in optimal condition.

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