Discover What Sets Auto Technicians and Mechanics Apart Before Starting Automotive School

Choosing an automotive career can be difficult when you’re faced with many different options, especially when these options share various similarities. This can be the case for students interested in becoming auto mechanics or technicians. Those hesitant to make the first career move can prepare for their dream job with the right training program.

At ATC Cambridge, you can gain valuable knowledge as well as firsthand shop experience diagnosing and repairing automotive problems. This background comes in handy in automotive mechanics as well as automotive technician careers. However, the type of responsibilities and daily tasks can differ. An auto mechanic typically repairs machines, like a car’s engine, whereas the auto technician ensures the good working condition of different car parts. 

Interested in exploring the details? Read on to discover what makes auto technicians and mechanic careers different from each other!

Understanding the Differences When Choosing Your Automotive Career

Simply put, an auto technician works to diagnose, repair and conduct regular maintenance for vehicles. With the help of special software and equipment, auto technicians identify issues that negatively impact a vehicle and recommend the right repairs. 

In comparison, an auto mechanic generally analyzes and repairs different types of vehicles—often focusing on specific repairs involving engines, brakes or tires. 

Both of these positions require special training, making auto mechanic school a necessary step for aspiring students. That said, mechanics are generally more hands-on while technicians rely more on diagnostic tools and digital equipment. Because mechanics deal with practical repairs and machinery, they typically need less theoretical knowledge than technicians. Despite the different skill sets, they can both find work in car dealerships and repair shops.

automotive school
Through automotive school, students can gain hands-on experience performing repairs

Responsibilities You Can Expect as an Auto Mechanic or Auto Technician

Despite working in the same environment, auto mechanics and technicians have some different tasks to focus on. Mechanics usually perform regular repairs and inspections, provide maintenance recommendations or price quotes and test the working quality of different tools and equipment. They may also work directly with customers to explain the maintenance process.

In comparison, auto technicians may work on those tasks in addition to a few others. This can include using special equipment to diagnose issues, planning repairs for mechanics and assessing malfunctions to determine their root causes. 

Having a strong understanding of the latest technology and equipment in the industry is key in both of these positions. By completing your auto mechanic training, you can gain the insights and experience you need to efficiently service and maintain different types and makes of cars.

auto mechanic school
Auto technicians typically rely on special equipment to diagnose vehicles and recommend repairs

Career Prospects to Consider After Automotive School 

Students graduating from automotive school can expect different career prospects when weighing the benefits of becoming an auto mechanic or technician. 

In terms of salary, auto mechanics in Canada typically earn around $57,500 annually while auto technicians bring in around $54,600 each year. It should be noted that these numbers largely vary depending on experience, training background, certifications and the employer themselves.

Although many technicians work in repair shops, they may find career opportunities by exploring specialized positions, including joining a race car pit crew. Similarly, mechanics can choose to work on general cars or focus their skills on a specific niche in the industry. Whatever the case may be, understanding how to efficiently operate the right tools and satisfy customers is of the utmost importance. 

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