Is This New Device an Auto Industry Game Changer?

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A Vancouver-based company by the name of Mojio recently developed a small device that plugs into a vehicle’s diagnostic port, which is usually located under the steering wheel. The Mojio connects to the internet and uploads vehicle and driving information online. This allows drivers to personalize their driving experience through a variety of apps on their smartphones.

“The basic premise of Mojio is that people want their cars to be more like their smartphones,” says Jay Giraud, company CEO.

If you’re hoping to pursue an automotive career, read on to learn more about this new device, as well as several other up-and-coming Canadian products that are on the cutting-edge of auto technology.

Mojio: The Smart Watch of the Automotive Industry

The Mojio device sells for $169 and includes a one year subscription to its 3G internet service.  The device is always connected to a network, so users do not have to use their cellular data. At this time, it comes with 3 apps. However, the company hopes to release an additional 12 to 15 applications this fall. Here are several other auto technology features the devise offers:

  • Location tracking: because the device is always connected to 3G, its built-in GPS allows users to locate their vehicle from any distance.
  • Vehicle diagnostics:  using the diagnostic port, Mojio can constantly monitor the “health” and status of a vehicle and immediately notify users of any issues.
  • Accelerometer: The device is able to measure motion, and can keep track of a user’s driving habits.
  • Driving analytics: Mojio is able to analyze trip-based data in order to notify users of shorter routes. This will help drivers save money on gas.
  • Recalls and maintenance: by using a vehicle’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the device has access to the year, make and model of the car, and can notify users of recalls or when it’s time to make routine maintenance drop-ins at the garage.

The company currently has 800 developers working to build apps for the Mojio platform, so we can expect to see additional features in the near future.

Emerging Canadian Automotive Technologies

Once mechanic college graduates break into the auto industry, they might find that Canadian companies are developing quite a few gadgets that will likely make an impact on the auto tech world. Some of these companies include KeyFree Technologies, Neverfrost In. And Ansik Inc.

KeyFree Technologies is a Toronto-based company that is developing a technology that will integrate car key functions into a smartphone or mobile device. Essentially, this company plans to eliminate the hassle of carrying car keys.

Auto-lovers have likely already heard of NeverFrost Inc. It is a company from Waterloo that used nanotechnology to create a transparent film for windshields and windows that prevents ice from building up in the winter, blocks out harmful UV rays in the summer, and offers protection from rocks and other flying debris.

Ansik Inc. is a company from Toronto that created PitStop, a technology that helps both mechanics and drivers quickly diagnose and troubleshoot vehicle issues. It uses a diagnostic plug-in and smartphone app to do so and allows service stations to send out notices, quotes, and rebate information to customers.

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