Here’s How To Detail a Car Interior Like a Pro For Those in Auto Detailing Training

When detailing any vehicle, it’s important to pay just as much attention to the inside as it is to the outside. If there’s dirt, dust, or any other debris throughout the inside of a car, interior auto detailing is a must. 

If clients want a job done well in their car’s interior, an auto detailing professional is their best bet. However, there are various factors you need to keep in mind in order to give them the most optimal interior detailing job.

For your client to have both a well-maintained and clean vehicle, as well as the best possible resale price, doing a great job of detailing the interior will make clients’ cars feel like new again. Here are some tips for how to give a car’s interior a sparkling shine.

Remember What Tools Will Be Necessary for the Job

Any good auto detailing job will require the correct tools and equipment to get it done efficiently and correctly, so having them at your disposal is important. Tools for interior detailing can include:

  • A small vacuum cleaner
  • Carpet cleaner or carpet cleaning shampoo
  • Brush
  • Spray bottle
  • Detergent
  • Dashboard cleaner
  • Essential oil
  • Polishing materials
  • Microfibre cloths
  • Towels

In particular, a vacuum is the first thing you will need if you want to get rid of dirt easily. Once you’ve verified that the tools you have are compatible to be used for vehicular surfaces, you can begin the cleaning process. 

A smallish vacuum cleaner is a must for cleaning a car’s interior

How to Use Your Tools to Their Fullest Potential

While using a vacuum to remove dirt during your auto detailing career, the important areas to clean out are the mirrors, seats, door pads, windows, and floor. Also, remember that you will need to clean out the gaps and crevices beside the seats, as these can be very thin and narrow, and therefore difficult to access. 

Car seats can be particularly difficult to clean, especially as not all seats allow you to remove the covers. In this situation, you must spray washer fluid onto them before a vacuum cleaner is used. Moreover, keep in mind that different seat materials need different types of cleaning, depending on if they’re made of cloth, leather, or vinyl.

Cleaning Floor Mats and Carpets During Your Auto Detailing Career

After your auto detailing training, you can expect to familiarize yourself with cleaning many different areas of a car’s interior. Aside from seats, these include the dashboard, A/C vents, and console, among others. You’ll also want to take out the floor mats and remove dirt by shaking them out. If necessary, you can use a brush, and then finish the job by spraying water on them.

Remove any items lying on the carpet, then vacuum it

The carpets are probably the last area you will clean. Get rid of any debris or items lying on it, and then vacuum. Take the brush and use it to clean any dirt from smaller areas, and use elbow grease to get rid of tougher stains. If you have a steam cleaning machine, even better. Also, make sure odours are removed from the vehicle. 

Although this isn’t an exhaustive list of techniques for interior detailing, this should give you a solid background on what needs to be done most. Once it’s all done and dusted, encourage clients to get their interior detailed regularly!

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