A Day in the Life of an Automotive Business Manager

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Working closely with the sales team and their customers, the Automotive Business Manager oversees all financial and legal aspects of the sales process. He or she is in charge of managing revenue, maximizing sales for finance, insurance and extended warranties, and meeting the minimum standards for market penetration. The Business Manager also contributes to development plans, policies and procedures as required to ensure that sales enquiry management is adhered to at all times in an efficient and customer-focused manner.

Both the business manager and his or her sales team are highly personable. They dress well, share the same professional attitude, possess the ability to be entrepreneurial and are likely to have taken auto sales training in Toronto. Moreover, the Automotive Business Manager is an excellent communicator with strong negotiation skills who enjoys working in a professional sales environment. He or she is leadership-oriented, approachable and a strategic thinker.

A typical day at work

In the morning, the business manager reviews his schedule for the day, including meetings with company representatives or high-profile clients. Then, he or she takes the time to meet with the sales team as customers slowly begin to trickle in. The goals of these meetings can vary. Some focus on new sales promotions and sales objectives for the day, while others will be about presenting the key selling points of new vehicles available on the floor.

Then, the day can take a number of different turns, depending on customer needs, meetings and issues that arise. No two days are alike, but some of the challenges the business manager can face include:

  • Explain and demonstrate financial and leasing advantages to customers
  • Review the legal obligations of the dealership in consumer protection legislation
  • Use industry software to present financing options to customers
  • Keep the deal alive if financing is less than straightforward
  • Sell extended warranties, credit protection, and other profit-generating products
  • Interact with lending and financial institutions

Employment opportunities

Though many professionals with automotive training in Toronto who pursue an automotive business management degree do so with the idea of running their very own car dealership in mind, the line of work is flexible, and your experience can carry over to many different types of organizations, including:

  • Car Manufacturers
  • Truck Manufacturers
  • Automotive Equipment Manufacturers
  • Automotive Parts and Component Manufacturers
  • Automotive Suppliers
  • Automotive Dealers
  • Fleet Management Operations
  • Automotive Insurance Companies
  • Automotive Parts Aftermarket
  • Local Road Commissions
  • State Road Commissions
  • Highway and Federal Government Agencies

This is largely due to the Automotive Business Manager’s intimate knowledge of management, sales, marketing, product distribution, warranty administration, franchising, accounting, financing, industry-related software as well as industry history and culture, which can make him or her valuable to various enterprises.

With automotive finance and insurance training, many exciting job opportunities exist with all major automotive and heavy equipment retailers, manufacturers, suppliers and the aftermarket industry. Of course, many graduates simply go on to start their own businesses. Regardless of the path your career takes, this is a line of work that is sure to challenge and fulfill you.

If you’re interested in automotive careers in Toronto, have you considered becoming an Automotive Business Manager?

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