A Day in the Life of an Auto Detailer

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These days, as we more frequently commute back and forth to work and driving long distances is pretty much second nature to us, it follows that we have to deal with increasingly large amounts of wear and tear on our vehicles. Before long, the paint starts to chip, rust will start to creep in, dents accrue, and our once beautiful prized possession is now much, much worse for the wear.

A Great Opportunity

While this may seem like a whole lot of bad news, the good news is thanks to the growing variety of trades training B.C. offers, more and more people are choosing to go into the automotive trades, and especially auto detailing. Auto detailing is a rewarding job and one that you’re sure to get compliments for, but what exactly does a day in the life of an auto detailer look like? Here are the three most likely scenarios you’ll have to deal with while working as an auto detailer.

The Light Work

Usually a lot of the work you’ll be doing as an auto detailer is fairly simple and straightforward stuff like cleaning, buffing and waxing. From doing a quick sweep of the inside with a vacuum, to washing, buffing and waxing the outside to make it shiny and new again, this is the easy stuff when it comes to detailing. Usually with cars like this you might have to work a bit to get some of the more stubborn scratches or dings out, but it’s by and large a straightforward and routine affair if you know your way around automotive painting.

The Heavy Work

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Sometimes, things are a bit more of an uphill battle, and the big guns have to be pulled out – by no means will you have to go so far as to call an auto mechanic, but this is the type of job that could take a bit of time. Don’t fret though, because this type of work is often the most interesting and fun. This consists of working with things like a lifetime of minor dents and scrapes that need to be carefully worked out, or rust that needs to be taken care of before it consumes the entire vehicle. This can also involve the process of new car preparation detailing – a process of coating the car with layers of protective solutions on everything from the mirrors to the rims to ensure maximum staying power.

Check out this video demonstration:

The Intense Work

The intense work in auto detailing comes with working your magic on the gigantic dents and fender bending that come with minor automotive accidents. This can involve completely repainting a vehicle, replacing certain parts like side mirrors, fenders or doors, or filling cracks and holes. It can also involve a lot of heavy interior cleaning to remove traces of cigarette smoke from years of in-car smoking, odours from spills or other messes, and just general dirt and grime. Really tough jobs can even involve the process of using an ozone machine – a machine that neutralizes organic matter – to get rid of lingering odours.

So if you’re looking for a rewarding career where you’ll get praise for your keen eye and meticulous restorative work, look no further than life as an auto detailer!

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