How to Customize Your Car

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You love your car. Everyone you know loves their car. However, what you really want to do is showcase this love by customizing your car to show everyone just how great this love can look. The beauty of customization is that it sets apart a straight-off-the-assembly-line car from all of the similar models that are on the road.  Customizing your vehicle is also a great way to work on your skill set now that you feel as though you have mastered working on the engine and all of the other auto technician training technical aspects of cars.  The more dramatic the change, the more you will get to work on your skills, therefore we’ve compiled a list of some of the most gratifying and attention grabbing customizations that will help you create the car of your dreams.

Convert your car. Change a run-of-the-mill car into a top-down feel-the-warm-breeze-on-your-face ride by changing a standard issue vehicle into a convertible and cutting the top off. This is one of the trickiest customizations to attempt. Unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing, you may want assistance with this one. Although through your trades training you may know what you are doing, particularly when it comes to the automotive industry, without adequate specialization, a job this complicated can potentially turn ugly pretty quickly. Enlist the help of a more knowledgeable friend for back-up, or better yet, take your car to an expert.

Turn your music into your muse. Improve on the existing stereo system with speakers and a surround system that will make you want to drive up and down your street all summer long. Since the factory model systems that come with a car are pretty basic, start off by replacing the deck or head unit and next add features such as a built-in iPhone dock and sub woofers. There’s no need to go overboard as any change to the existing stereo system will make a significant difference and custom stereo prices can rise very quickly.

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Customize your paint. This customization will be one of the most noticeable effects. You can turn a blah and rundown car into a vehicle that looks as though it was specially designed for you. From a unique matte exterior finish to special effect overlays, a custom color or design is a great way to put your own unique stamp or your ride.

After all of those customizations have been completed, the added bonus is added value to your car. You may decide to sell to make some extra cash to buy another car to work on, or continually keep adding to current changes for a long term way to continually upgrade your automotive knowledge. Whatever you decide, studying the trades in BC and working in the automotive industry is a challenging field that will bring you long term benefits.

For some more customization ideas, here’s a video that will have you fantasizing about your next project!

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