Customer Service: A Guide for Students Pursuing an Automotive Service Consultant Career

In the automotive industry, there are many types of roles to choose from. If you’re a car lover but also enjoy working in a front-facing position that allows you to interact with customers directly, a service consultant career could be right for you. Service consultants act as the liaison between customers and service technicians. They use their communication skills and automotive expertise to consult with technicians about the needed repairs and relay this information to customers, filling in any gaps in their understanding. As a service consultant, you are the first face customers see walking in the door, so it’s important to provide them with a welcoming, helpful customer service experience that lets them know that their satisfaction is a priority. How can you do that? Let’s explore the answer to that question. Learn the importance of putting customers first and what that looks like, understand the importance of knowing your customers, and learn to add a personal touch to your customer service practice. 

Put Customers First After Automotive Service Advisor Training 

Working in customer service, you may encounter a frustrated customer from time to time. In these situations, a skilled service consultant can easily diffuse a dispute by demonstrating their genuine desire to resolve customer concerns to the best of their ability. How can you master this skill to ensure harmonious encounters with your customers that will earn an excellent reputation for your auto shop? Though it can be challenging, it will be extremely helpful for you to avoid taking things too personally. Remember that most customers will automatically view you as an extension of your company, and it’s more likely that they’re frustrated with their situation than you. Try to express empathy for the customer’s situation while maintaining a positive attitude. You’ll also need your creative problem-solving skills to come up with a solution that satisfies your customer. Be sure to listen attentively to customers in order to ensure that you understand their needs and preferences. Along with the technical skills you’ll learn in automotive service consultant training when you combine these best practices, surely, your customers will feel valued.

Putting customers first is an essential part of your role as a service consultant after automotive school.

Know Your Product Well 

As an automotive service consultant, you’ll want to present yourself as knowledgeable and capable. The best way to do this is to take the time to gain an understanding of the products your auto shop sells, what repair services are offered and any store policies. In automotive school, you’ll receive an introduction to the industry that will help you advise your customers on the best products and services for them. Remember to communicate openly with your technicians and ask questions to fill any knowledge gaps.

After automotive service advisor training, keep learning by communicating with technicians to know what your shop offers.

Add a Personal Touch Whenever Possible 

As the market becomes more and more competitive across sectors, a personalized customer service experience has become a chief concern for all sorts of businesses. Auto shops are no different. You may be wondering how you might create a personalized experience for customers. Luckily, it only takes a few simple touches to make a significant impact. For example, try to remember customers by name – even if you need to write them down. Remember the services they often need and the problems they tend to have with their vehicles. 

If delivering excellent customer service sounds like something you could enjoy, consider our automotive service consultant training program. Receive a complete understanding of the automotive industry and learn the communication methods that will help you succeed in this role.

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