From Custom to Concept: Cars that are Out of this World

Coming across some really off-the-top designs are one of the wonderful parts of the auto world. There are so many great (or just plain crazy) car designs out there, that we decided to round them up.

Creative Custom Cars

There is nothing crazy or weird about a car with a custom paint job, but some people really go out of their way to turn heads. Take a look at this truck: pretty sure quite a few people thought a burning truck zoomed past them.

A faux-designer ride? Hey, everyone has their own taste!  But we gotta admit that the auto body stencil work on this is pretty well done.









Next we have the ultimate hybrid: a DoLorean monster truck. How many of hours of auto technician training did it take to learn all of that?

Who would ever want 18 exhaust pipes? Not sure what this person was thinking, but the rear does look pretty cool.

A man decided he need to figure out a way to get around Venice without a gondola. Solution? A wood-carved Ferrari that can double as a boat!



Concept Cars of the Future

Now let’s turn our attention away from the playful and more towards the incredible. Many car-makers dedicate a lot of time to designing and thinking up concept cars. Here are just a few:

First up is the “Scarab Car” a vehicle designed by David Goncalves. The focus behind his design was to create a car that could be efficient and effective in an urban setting. Aside from its cartoon-like quality, the best feature about the car is probably that it folds up, which means it would take up a lot less space in the parking lot.














This next one may not be as easy to park, but it’s pretty exceptional when it comes to design. The four-seater is everything but traditional, especially with its back-to-back seating. The creators were actually inspired by the design of a computer mouse.

A little more traditional but still just as wild is the Hyandai NEOS.








Lastly, we have the L1 Volkswagen concept car, which was designed to be the most fuel-efficient automobile in the world by taking up only 1-litre of fuel per every 100km of driving. Wouldn`t be too hard for an auto sales and leasing professionals to sell this…that is if the price is right!

That’s just some of our favourites, but do you have any you’d like to share?

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