How to Create a Lasting Impression on Customers as an Automotive Service Worker

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When it comes to being a successful automotive service advisor, one thing stands out above the rest, and that’s great customer service. As a liaison between mechanics and the client, automotive service advisors are the first and last face a customer sees whenever bringing their car in for a repair. Exceptional auto service advisors know how to stand out and build lasting relationships with clients, ensuring that they not only keep coming back to the shop but recommend it to their friends and family too.

Looking to pursue a rewarding career in the automotive industry and would like to know what you could do to stand out after completing your training? Read on to see how you can make a lasting impression with clients.

Great Customer Service Happens Even Before Clients Enter the Shop

Ever heard the saying, “great customer service starts the minute the client walks through the door”? Well, excellent automotive service advisors will sometimes go a step beyond to make a great first impression. In fact, great auto service advisors will often step out of the shop to greet clients in the parking lot and shake their hand.

Good customer service also means being an active listener, giving clients your full attention when they’re describing problems with their vehicle. Listening intently demonstrates to the client that the service advisor takes their concerns seriously, which helps to build trust and a sense of connection. Auto service advisors should always be prepared to answer the client’s questions, and if unable, to take the time to look up the answer and get back to them. That extra effort will show clients that you are committed to helping them.

Clear Communication Is Crucial for Clients Bringing Their Cars in for Repairs

Good communication is one of the most important factors that professionals with service advisor training need to keep in mind when trying to make a great first impression. A good auto service advisor recognizes that their clients may not know much about their car, and as a result won’t be familiar with much of the more complicated lingo used on work orders or whenever repairs are being discussed. The last thing an auto service advisor wants is a confused client, which is why it can often be a good idea to leave out jargon when talking to clients.

Whenever explaining repairs to clients, automotive service advisors should try to use the full names of parts and systems rather than abbreviations, such as saying Anti-Lock Braking System instead of ABS. Client’s won’t always know what a brake disc or a catalytic converter is, so auto service advisors should also be ready to indicate what they are using plain language. Clients will definitely want to return to a shop where a service advisor can help them know exactly what repairs will be performed on their vehicle and why.

Automotive Service Workers Make Lasting Impressions by Demonstrating Responsibility

When a client drives their vehicle into a shop for repairs, they may be feeling stressed and skeptical, and need reassurance that their car will be repaired properly and on time. It is the task of the automotive service advisor to make clients feel that the shop is not only committed to getting the job done right, but is also capable of taking responsibility in the event that a client is unsatisfied with the shop’s service.

An automotive service worker with exceptional customer service skills understands that when a client is unhappy, the goal should still be to give them a positive experience. For example, if a repair is taking too long to complete, service advisors will start by taking responsibility for the delay and then try offering a solution to the problem. Handling unhappy clients in this way shows that the service advisor isn’t interested in circumventing the problem, but instead is focussed on addressing and solving the issue. As a result, even an upset customer may consider returning to a shop for future repairs, knowing they’re leaving their car in honest hands.

Leave your clients with a lasting impression when you become a service advisor!
Leave your clients with a lasting impression when you become a service advisor!

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