Corvette Stingray Exhaust

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Have you ever wanted to be totally in control of the sound of your exhaust? Would you like to keep it quiet and subdued until you’re really flying and then let it roar? The new 2014 Corvette Stingray has employed a tiny piece of magic that will turn the world of exhaust systems completely upside-down for you. No, it’s not an after-market trick from a savvy auto mechanic, or is it something you need to be an automotive technicianto understand – it’s a new, innovative switchable exhaust system that’s coming standard on the new Stingrays.

The new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray comes equipped with a funny, magical kind of exhaust system that lets you dampen or muffle the raucous tones of your exhaust when the valve flaps on the exhaust system are closed. However when they’re open, you can let the Stringray’s V8 roar with all the savage power your heart desires. The flaps are controlled electronically from inside the car. It’s all about the driving mode you choose on the Stingray, as well as the rpms that you’re getting on the road.

In this video, you’ll see Patrick Hermann, the Technical Manager of Communications at Chevrolet Europe, testing out the new technology and comparing it with the exhaust of a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

What’s useful about the trick exhaust is that when you’re just cruising around slowly in town, you won’t be terrifying the neighbors with the car’s signature growl. The electronic sensors will realize you’re driving slowly and in a languid, cruising mode and adjust the exhaust flaps accordingly to adequately muffle the roar of the engine. Looks like you won’t even need car sales training to sell this beauty!

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The exhaust system isn’t all that’s tricked out on the new Stringrays, though. The advanced dashboard display in the Stingray can provide over 60 pieces of information – even things like tire tread temperature display!

It’s also got three analog gauges for speed, fuel level, and engine-coolant temperature. The LCD screen in the is where you’ll find the Driver Mode Selector with its three “sport,” “tour” and “track” modes. Each mode is designed for a unique driving setting that will give the option to adjust the car’s performance and receive the most pertinent information depending on how you want to drive.

With the 2015’s rumored souped-up eight speed transmission, the new model of Stingray is sure to be tantalizing. The more than 450 horsepower behemoth also features a torque capacity of up to 738 lb-ft and a ratio spread of 7.0. The good news? That means that lower gears will get better acceleration and higher gears are going to get even better highway gas mileage. The new transmission is currently codenamed the 8L90, and will be arriving in 2015.

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