Cool Start-up Builds 2-Wheel Cars

atccamHollywood has provided us with tons of fantastical representations of what the future could look like – and vehicle-wise, the future is not too shabby. Although flying cars and rocket-launching hoverbikes are likely the coolest methods of transportation to grace the big screen, graduates of mechanic colleges can confirm that we probably won’t be driving these in real life anytime soon.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a vehicle that has the fuel efficiency and parking advantage of a motorcycle, along with the comforts of any car (and is environmentally friendly) the future in now!

One start-up auto company, Lit Motors, has been developing a prototype for a brand new vehicle for the past four years called the C-1. This vehicle is an electric, gyroscopic enclosed motorcycle that provides drivers with the handling of a motorbike with the comfort and technology of a car—students currently enrolled in mechanic programs will have a unique appreciation of how impressive this concept truly is. Keep reading to find out more about Lit Motors and this growing two-wheeler trend.

Lit Motors

Lit Motors is a start-up automotive company that was founded in 2010. The company has been developing its C-1 prototype for the past four years and is expected to release it soon, although no specific date has been set for the launch. Lit Motors is dedicated to developing innovative auto solutions that think outside of the conventional car “box.” However, anyone who is pursuing an automotive career has to wonder what makes this company different from others who have had similar goals. In an interview, Lit Motors’ Chief Marketing Officer, Ryan James said that the company believes others have failed by offering “too little” to customers. One way Lit Motors plans to succeed is by offering the many traits that consumers want, all in one vehicle – including speed, style, efficiency and good value.

Drives Like a Bike

Imagine being able to cut down some of the time you usually spend waiting in traffic, or anxiously looking for a parking spot. The C-1 is designed with the dimensions of a motorcycle in mind, allowing the driver the ability to easily maneuver through traffic and fit into the smallest of parking spaces. But, it drives just like a regular car, so you don’t need motorcycle training to drive one.

Cruises Like a Car

The engineers at Lit Motors have done their research and the C-1’s bike-like abilities don’t come at the expense of the car comfort features you know and love. You’ll be completely shielded from the outside world in the C-1’s enclosed protective shell. Inside, you can manage your premium comfort features including climate control and a sound system. Outside, you’ll cruise around in a sleek, modern exterior.

Spacious Enough for 2—But Made For 1

Where the average car holds up to five passengers, the C-1 can hold two passengers comfortably. So, if you’re a family man or woman, this vehicle may not be ideal—however, no one says you can’t treat yourself to a joyride for one (or two) every once in awhile.

Safe and Sound

Some may be skeptical about the safety of the C-1, but don’t let its small size fool you. With all of the features you’d find in a traditional car—safety belts, multiple airbags, a strong, steel frame—as well as Lit Motors’ patented gyroscopic stability system, you’re sure to be kept safe and sound while on the road.

Helping the Environment: One Recharge at a Time

If you’re not already impressed with Lit Motors’ cool 2-wheel car concept, you will be once you find out that you can get everything mentioned above—plus the speed of over 100mph— without having to spend any money on gas. The vehicle features a 10 kWh battery that provides enough energy to drive up to 200 miles between charges.

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