Cool Auto Gadgets That Can Be Handy to Have in Your Automotive Career

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Technology evolves in fascinating—and in some cases, strange or mysterious—ways, and the automotive industry is no exception to that rule. If you happen to be working with cars and car parts on an everyday basis, there are myriad ways you can use modern technology to your advantage. Though the items we’ve selected here are largely scratching the surface of the technological possibilities you can use to your advantage, they can still help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Here are just a few examples of gadgets that can help make your life in the automotive industry just a little bit easier.

Electric Heavy Duty Cut-Off Tools Are Useful to Have Around the Auto Shop

Ever found yourself trying to cut through certain kinds of metal but it just won’t work? When this problem comes up, having a heavy duty cut-off tool can make all the difference. This kind of tool can easily cut its way through exhaust systems, hangers, and sheet metal, among other things.

If accidental injury is a concern for you, you’ll be happy to know that many such tools come equipped with a safety trigger preventing you from inadvertently revving it up. In any case, it could very well be the secret weapon in your arsenal for your automotive career.

A Switchdriver Can Be a Wonderful Addition to Your Toolbox

If multitasking and high productivity are of the utmost importance to you while you’re drilling and/or using a driver, you’ll definitely want to look into having a switchdriver. A switchdriver acts as both a cordless drill and driver—two big tools for one!

It’s an easily controllable and incredibly versatile tool for many different purposes, including for people with various automotive careers—though especially for auto mechanics. It’ll help you get the job done twice as fast. Now that’s efficiency!

Bluetooth Scan Tools Can Be Great Resources for Those with Automotive Careers

As far as gadgets go, you can’t get much more modern than this. Using this type of scan tool, you can transform your smartphone into a diagnostic tool. With options available for both iPhone and Android, a Bluetooth scan tool offers a unique way to fix cars.

Connecting your smartphone to a Bluetooth scan tool will help you fix vehicles

Connecting your smartphone to a Bluetooth scan tool will help you fix vehicles

Trusted by mechanics and capable of reading and clearing codes just like handheld scan tools, this kind of tool plugs right into a car’s OBDII port and connects to your phone via Bluetooth, using the car’s make and model to help determine how best to fix it. On top of all of that, many such scan tools include repair reports for specific vehicles, all taken from a massive database of auto mechanic-verified fixes—including information for both a diagnosis of the problem, and its possible causes. Long story short, having such a scan tool handy can be an excellent resource for you to use.

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