Considering Service Advisor Training? 3 Essential Skills to Develop

As a service advisor, you will try to keep order throughout the auto mechanic shop. This will be done by being the intermediary between the customer and mechanic while the vehicle is in the shop. You will need to manage both groups of people and each requires a different managerial style. Therefore, you require a varied set of skills. In this role, you will also track all activities relating to when a customer drives in, to when they leave with their vehicle.

If you’re considering service advisor training, here are three essential skills that you’ll need to master.

1. Hone Your Communication Skills in Service Advisor Training

Working as a service advisor requires you to interact with customers and mechanics daily. You will discuss with the customer what needs to be done to their car and answer their questions and concerns. With the mechanics, the discussion will be very similar to that of the customer, just from their perspective. Essentially, you will be relaying information between the customer and the mechanic. For the customer, it is important to communicate the information in a manner that is clear and concise. For the mechanic, you will be relaying information that the customer detailed about the car. 

Good communication skills will also be important for dealing with customers who are unhappy with something. You will need to regulate the situation through effective communication. From there, it will be important to communicate any information that will help settle the issue.

Service advisor training will help develop your communication skills.

During service advisor training, you will have plenty of opportunities to communicate with your peers and instructors, allowing you to sharpen your skills.

2. Strong Organizational Skills Are An Asset

Staying on top of everything when a lot is happening will be very important for your role when you become a service advisor. This is why having strong organizational skills is important. You need to know when vehicles are expected in the shop,the work they are undergoing, and when they are expected to leave the shop. Effective time management skills allow you to deal with any unscheduled clients. In such a customer-orientated role, having time for customers is vital.

Strong organizational skills also apply to documenting customer information and keeping track of where their vehicle is along the service/repair process.

3. Develop Your Tech Skills

As a service advisor, you will need to work with computer programs that perform several tasks. These tasks include tracking customer information, vehicle repair status, and part delivery times. You will also need to be able to conduct credit checks on customers. Using tech for these important tasks means that you will need to have basic computer skills.

During automotive training, your computer skills will be expanded upon, but having basic computer skills is essential.

If you have minimal or no computer skills, you can develop these through online tutorials or hands-on experimentation with a computer. During automotive training, you may use programs which track tasks, such as vehicle repair status and customer information. To an extent, this will help develop your computer skills, however, having basic computer skills will be beneficial. 

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