Considering Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training? What To Know About Stellantis x Element 25 Partnership

If you plan to pursue an automotive career and specialize in electric vehicles, it’s certainly in your best interest to stay up to date on new developments in the industry. You’ll discover that the EV market can be very eventful as the industry grows, and this type of news will give you interesting context for your future career. As an automotive student interested in electric vehicles, you’ve likely heard of Stellantis, a leading automaker conglomerate that is focused on making electrification a reality in the near future. Recently, Stellantis has made yet another step towards the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. 

Stellantis has signed a binding partnership with Element 25, a new company in Australia that produces Manganese. Together, they plan to create high-purity manganese sulfate monohydrate batteries to power EVs and keep up with the growing demand in the market. Keep reading to learn about the terms of this partnership, how it will contribute to electrification goals, and how this may affect you as a future EV technician. 

The Terms of the Agreement 

On January 9th, Stellantis and Element 25 announced a five-year partnership. This partnership declared that Element 25 would supply the highly successful automakers with high-purity manganese sulfate monohydrate to be used in EV battery packs. The material will be sourced from Element 25’s Butcherbird project in Western Australia. 

In addition, there are plans in motion to start the construction of a processing facility in the U.S. to meet the demands of the agreement. In return, Stellantis will make an equity agreement in Element 25. As you progress through hybrid and electrical mechanic training, it’s likely that you’ll see many more deals take place between powerful conglomerates like Stellantis–many with the aim of taking the lead in the journey toward EV adoption. 

If you’re exploring electrification in the auto careers, partnerships like this indicate industry growth that will benefit you.

How This Partnership Will Contribute to Long-Term Electrification Goals

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares elaborated on the long-term goals of the company as they relate to this partnership with Element 25. He stated that: “Our commitment to a carbon net zero future includes the creation of a smart supply chain to ensure we meet our customers’ desire for EVs. Electric vehicles that deliver breakthrough customer experience in propulsion, connectivity, and convenience are central to our Dare Forward 2030 plan that delivers safe, clean, and affordable mobility.” 

The Dare Forward 2030 plan is an ambitious strategy put forward by Stellantis, all with the hopes of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2038. Clearly, the automaker is committed to a greener future.

This partnership will contribute to widespread electrification, increasing the demand for the aspiring hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic.

What This Means for Those in Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training 

Industry developments like this show an aspiring hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic that the demand for their services will only grow with time. By getting the career-focused training needed to start working in the EV industry, you’re future-proofing your automotive technician career with skills like electric vehicle repair safety, knowledge of energy systems, and the technical skills to service hybrids and EVs. 

You can be a part of the exciting progression of this planet-saving technology. Get qualified today! 

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